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Happy Hour!


So Friday we’re doing Happy Hour at Royal/T and I like working it so if you guys have time after work, you should stop by.

So before I started my shift I went down to the Deli in the back and I was only going to buy one scratcher and some Frosted Flakes but the guy there is so sweet.

Woot for feeding my gambling problems!

I don’t have a problem…who said I have a problem?

But it went pretty well, a few more people than the last Happy Hour, and Rocco had his wine tasting so we got a good crowd going.

Rocco still owes me $500 on his bet, but he says it wasn’t official since we didn’t shake hands but I’m the one who started the bet and he accepted but oh well.

I guess he didn’t want to give up his Ipad. Hahaha.

I was going to go to the Qpop fundraiser but I knew by the time I got there it would be very close to 10pm.

I’ll have to check out their stuff online and stop by next time.

I didn’t think Happy Hour would go that late but the wine tasting ended up lasting quite a bit after normal Happy Hour.

All in all it was a good night. No complaints.

That’s right, I know the curator for The Warholian!

Thursday night we had an honorary dinner for the one and only Eric Shiner.

It was very nice to see him again after all that time.

Everyone was very nice and things went pretty smoothly considering.

I got to see some interesting people too, you guys couldn’t even imagine.

I see a lot of interesting people at Royal/T.

Maybe I should keep track to tell my future kids some day.


I’m sure that’d be fun wouldn’t it.

The dinner started a little late but ended up ending when scheduled.

I like working dinner parties, it’s kind of calming in a weird way.


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For Me?




Wednesday was a pretty special day.

I worked the bar at Royal/T but before I started I was a little hungry so I decided to order myself some Crispy Spicy Tuna.

So delicious! Yum!

While I’m eating, Nobuko san brings me a little container full of a delicious Japanese side dish and a little handkerchief seen in the third picture.

She’s such a sweetheart!!!

And guess who else came to see me today?

Scott and his wife came to see me!

I always bring him sweets when I go to Umami Burger so this time he brought me sweets!

He brought me the most delicious Macaroons you could ever imagine!

Both of them are so sweet it’s crazy!

I got to talk to them for a bit too which made me pretty happy!

I love my customers!

You guys make my day everyday!

Monday Madness




Monday was another fun work day spent at Royal/T!

Look at all the delicious cupcakes we get daily!

They’re so Yummy! Especially when they’re super fresh!

I had a little time before work so I got my usual Curry with Spicy Mayo.

Just looking at that picture, I want another one!

Yum Yum Yum!

Monday went by pretty fast since I was opening.

I got to leave at 3 which was very nice.

I haven’t opened the bar in a LONG time.

After work I stopped by the bank and Whole Foods.

I love getting dinner from Whole Foods.

Expensive but delicious!

I got to enjoy the rest of my day!

Hospital visits…


So on Saturday I went to go visit my Grandfather in the hospital. It was hard but I knew I had to do it, or I would regret it later.
I’m happy that I went and that I got to see him and talk to my uncle.
I hope everything will be okay.
After that I stopped at 7-eleven to pick up some food before I went in to work.
Saturday night there was another Bat Mitzvah but it actually went very well.
All the kids were pretty nice.
If only all of the Bat Mitzvahs could be this easy.
It’s just the cleaning up afterwards that can be a pain.
I got home kind of late, around 1am but it was all good.
Just another crazy day at Royal/T.

My baby cares…


Friday…Friday…I worked at Royal/T during the day and after work I went to deposit my paycheck.
When I got home I was met with a big surprise.
Mark sent me something through UPS!
He’s such a sweetie pie!
He sent me Girl Scout Cookies, Candy Corn and a little drawing accompanied by a letter.
That just made my forever!
I know other girls aren’t as lucky.
We also got to talk on the phone while I was opening it which was awesome.
He knows me so well. Lolz.
Oh and the drawing he made me is so adorable!
He based it off of the graphics he’s been making for the Army.
Now it’s framed and hanging on my wall.

Work work work


Let’s see…Thursday I worked an event at Royal T in the evening.

It was some sort of business professional lecture or what have you.

The people were all really nice and I only ended up staying till about 8:30 or 9 which was pretty nice for a change.

Oh and I used my Hard Candy nail polish for the first time today and it came out amazing!

I used to love Hard Candy when I was a kid, now they only sell it at Wal-Mart.

Weird huh?