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I didn’t even know what the Harlem Shake was…and now the Heat are doing it.

I usually don’t reblog stuff but seriously, you guys have to watch this! It seriously made my day!

What's Your Tag?

Oh Boris, you’re such an easy target with that bright red Hawaiian shirt. At least it looks nice, covered in paintballs! Of course, I’m talking about GoldenEye 64, the FPS that started it all for consoles. Yes, that delicious race for the Proximity Mines has been recreated by the great folks at The Dangerous Brew,and it’s spot on. Check it out below and reminisce about the good old days when you didn’t have to aim up or down.


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Obligatory of the Day

How could I NOT reblog this? It’s Lebron rapping with LMFAO while wearing a shirt of him screaming. Priceless.

I missed Game 6 and I might even miss Game 7

which means I can’t really write an effective blog about the game. But I have a good reason. I was traveling on planes for about 24 hours from Honolulu to Minnesota so it wasn’t really possible for me. The pilot was nice enough to tell us the half time and the final score which made the rest of the plane flight easier for me.

My soon to be brother in law’s wedding is tomorrow at 5pm and the game is on at 8:30 E/T so it’ll be 7:30pm over here so hopefully I can at least watch the second half.

Let’s go HEAT!

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AND Carmelo’s back. How do I know? Because the Knicks lost.

And with the Midseason Report Cards just out…the Knicks get a…C+!

That’s right Carmelo. You’ve been a disappointment this season. It’s his first game back from his right groin injury and after having beaten the Dallas Mavericks, it’s something else to lose to the New Jersey Nets. 6 Turnovers and only 11 points? Ouch. He’s missed way too many shots tonight. Not to mention the 3 Personal Fouls. The one thing that really hurt the Knicks tonight was their 3PM-A numbers, 5-21 which equals about 23%. Missing 3 free throws couldn’t have been that awesome either.

With Carmelo coming back it also meant a lot less playing time for Lin, Chandler, Smith and Novak. What does it matter? They’ve actually scored quite a bit in previous games to help score the win. No such luck here.

Would more practice time help? Maybe it’s just a rough day after coming back from an injury? Smith and Amare seemed to play just fine when they started, but who knows?

Where could they use Carmelo…hmmmmm

Oh and Deron Williams made 38 points tonight! Making tonight the highest scoring game for him this season! And kudos to Humphries for the 14 rebounds. For such a sub par team they played a good game.

And Jordan Farmar has also apparently sprained his right groin…I think there’s something going around! Hahaha.

“You know how I know you’re wet?

Cause my dick is thirsty.” -Hobo with a Shotgun

Hello to my single follower on WordPress!

I know it’s been a long time but I’m back!

In the words of my favorite gay, “Yeahhhhhhh buddy!”

Work was crazy busy today. So much so that I ended up staying from 9am till about 4:30pm. I better make some bomb ass tips, you know what I’m saying? I really need that money…but don’t we all right? This one customer was so pissed with me today. There were people in front of him on the wait list! What was I supposed to do? Snap my fingers twice to make another table appear out of thin air? Too bad for him I can’t for the life of me snap my fingers. Oh well. Guess everyone will have to WAIT THEIR FUCKING TURN! But the cafe closed early today for a night event so me and Eddie got to roll out of there pretty quick.

SOOOO… instead of going to the gym like we had planned we ended up going to BIG 5. I haven’t been to a BIG 5 since middle school when they forced something called Physical Education on me.  I shudder just thinking back on those days… but it’s okay…it’s all over now. Anyways, getting back to the point, the real reason why we went to BIG 5 was so I could find some orange athletic socks for tomorrow. Why would I need orange athletic socks for Super Bowl Sunday when neither team has orange as any of their colors? Because my team has orange in it’s color scheme Bitches! That’s write I’m dressing up like a Denver Broncos Cheerleader tomorrow. Divisional Playoffs what? That’s right. If anyone has anything to say about it tomorrow then they can shove it up their ass. Like I’d take up Giants and/or Patriots color for a day? Naw…I don’t roll that way bra. You guys can look forward to a picture tomorrow. Yuuuuuuuup!~

What better way to wrap up a hard shopping workout than a little yogurt-y treat? A few things…but it was the closest thing on the way home so why not right?

Yeahhhhhh~ I managed to get a parking spot too. Lucky! We relaxed outside of Yogurtland until it got a bit too chilly for me. I mixed WAY too many flavors today…Plain tart + Red Velvet Cupcake Batter + Coconut + Guava and Pineapple + Mochi + Condensed Milk + Rainbow Sprinkles. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT THROW UP ONTO YOUR KEYBOARD. Find the closest waste bin. My blog entry will be waiting for you when you get back. I promise. Done throwing up? Cause you might want to keep the waste bin close to you for the next thing too.

They have a Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor of non-fat yogurt. Ugh…what is that all about? And no I did not try any. I know I’ve been trying to tone down my thighs a bit but I don’t think self induced vomiting will help that at all. Or will it? Hmmm… Decisions…decisions…

To be continued…after a HARDCORE night at Rebel Bingo. Yuuuuuuuuup!

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Lunch Time!

My lunch today!
Curry with Spicy Mayo!
I literally ate all of it! It was so delicious!!
Omar really is the best!
It kept me energized the rest of the day.




My favorite Aussie sent me a Valentine in the mail!
It has to be the cutest card ever!
Thanks Bow! ❤

Rolf sleeping on top of fresh laundry.


I’m sorry I didn’t write a blog entry yesterday.

It was a weird and hectic day.

I’ve been sick (not cold sick but like stress sick) but I still had to go to work so as soon as I got home yesterday I just passed out.

Woke up to some heavy rains here and there but otherwise it was all good.

I’m recovering slowly but surely.

I went out of my room today to see Rolf sleeping on top of laundry.

He’s such a silly baby.

I don’t have work today so I think I might run some errands later.

Not sure because my car is still in the shop.

I have dinner plans with everyone from work later so that will be nice.