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What am I doing home on a Saturday night?

Reading. Or wouldn’t it be cute if that was actually it? Instead of it just being me sitting in front of my computer like a mindless drone not really sure what it is that she is searching for? I mean I WAS reading today and I will probably do it later on but for right now I’m putting off writing an essay. It’s not hard but I work better in the day but I always have work in the mornings so I’ll continue writing when I can invoke the muses. But in the meantime I found this HUGE list of 1001 books I should read before I die and since I am English Major I thought I’d go through it and see how well I’m doing. It’s a long list so stick with me or just ignore this blog entry. My feelings won’t be hurt either way, I promise. Here we go (Bold means I’ve read it!):

Running total:  93 (So that I’ve read approximately 9% of the books listed…I don’t know if I should be happy or very sad. Haha. Oh well. More reading for me!)

  • Total from 2000s= 2 (And of course they are BOTH Ian McEwan books, I’ve probably read all his books to be honest).
  • Total from 1900s = 42
  • Total from 1800s = 36
  • Total from 1700s = 9
  • Total from pre1700s = 4 Continue reading
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