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Touch my car and you’re DEAD

I wake up to THIS today…AND I DIDN’T EVEN DRIVE MY CAR YESTERDAY! AND IT WAS IN OUR GARAGE! WTF HAPPENED?!?! I go to pick up Eddie on my way to work and he goes, “What’s up with your car? Your headlight is broken.” And I thought I was going to start crying right there. It’s just GONE! And Eddie was with me the last time I drove my car and it was fine…I DIDN’T EVEN HIT ANYONE! That other damage is from when the Valet attendant hit another Benz with my Benz but that’s a whole different story…UGH. But I guess this is good news. I can get it fixed and order a matching pair for the other side which has been broken for a while now ever since someone at Trader Joes ran into my car the ONE DAY I was parked head out. It’s okay, I’ll take care of my baby and get a wax and a nice hand car wash and everything will be okay.

So I guess Whitney Houston is dead. Don’t really know to feel about that.

But maybe this will make people feel better.

*shrug* It sure put a smile on MY face. Hey! It’s all we have! Ever since Yao’s been out we’ve been DYING for another NBA Asian Superstar! Hahaha. And contrary to what John says, I doubt Lin has sold his soul to the devil like Dr. Faustus. And if he has sold his soul than he got a much better deal than some other players who I won’t mention for fear of being shanked.

Or maybe this will cheer some of you up. Hahaha. Ah~ people are hilarious sometimes.

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So my Asian friend who lives in LA goes: Kobe Bryant or Jeremy Lin? Are we really having that discussion here?

It’s like we’re back in 2008 around election time. Obama or McCain? I am Republican…but I can’t not vote for a brother…REALLY? I don’t know what goes on inside of people’s heads sometimes. Using DOUBLE NEGATIVES?! What are we from the Stone Age? Hahaha. But all jokes aside tonight was an eye opener of sorts, that’s for sure. Since we haven’t gone in a long while I decided to make tonight Korean BBQ night and I was kind of bummed when I realized how many awesome games were going on tonight. But I had forgotten that my Korean BBQ place had TVs there and that they always showed the Lakers games, but tonight was different. They had added more screens into that place to project the game so no matter where you were sitting you would be able to see it. Is it because the Korean BBQ place wants to show their support for the Lakers? or the Asians? Either way I got to watch the game so I wasn’t complaining.

As we sit down to eat I keep looking at the game but nothing seems to be happening. Time would keep going but the points didn’t change at all. Several times I had to check if they were replaying what was on or showing highlights but it wasn’t anything like that because the time had changed significantly but the points hadn’t…still. I don’t know what it was with the Lakers tonight. There was never anyone to rebound the ball both offensively and defensively. But the Knicks were on top of their shit. If someone had missed a shot they were on that ball like hawks. Defense was another key problem with the Lakers tonight. We would leave shooters unguarded and there were so many clean shots that I was just blown away by how well the Knicks were doing and how all over the place the Lakers were. So many missed opportunities it was insane. Imagine me yelling at the TV screen while everyone else is talking about Madonna’s Halftime Show at the SuperBowl. Who the fuck gives a shit? She can go sleep in her Hyperbaric chamber for the rest of her life. The Lakers were behind THE WHOLE GOD DAMN GAME.

The Knicks won WITHOUT CARMELO ANTHONY AND AMARE STOUDEMIRE! WHO DOES THAT? WHEN WOULD THAT EVER HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE?! The Knicks got lucky that they realized that they had this awesome player on their team all this time. If only the Lakers had a player like that…*sigh* Lin ended up scoring a record high 38 points this game which makes him the highest scoring player on the Knicks this season, beating Carmelo. Kobe came in second with 34 points. By the end of it I knew it was hopeless. All I could do to drown my sorrows away was to have more meat.

And then some more meat…

But you know what was the creepiest part of tonight? (Besides the intestines? Well everyone else gets grossed out by them but I think they’re delicious!) The Jeremy Lin masks fans have been wearing at the games.

Whenever they would show a shot of the crowd SOMEONE would be wearing one of these…can you say C-R-E-E-P-Y! So I guess this means we’ll be seeing a LOT more of Lin. Did you guys see the new T-shirts they have made for him?

Can you say HELLA FAST? Adidas is just pumping shit out right and left. Imagine how many poor Chinese people had to rush to make these shirts for rich white people to buy in order to support a once ignored Chinese person? Weird. Remember those shirts they used to make that would say “NAME & NAME & NAME & NAME”? Depending on what team you were on it’d be different. Well they made one for the Knicks, oh no wait, just for Jeremy Lin.

Lakers need to step up their game! Momma has some good money riding on you!

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