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New Season of Storage Wars Critique

Everyone knows that I was SO EXCITED for the new season of Storage Wars but as it began to air it was apparent that there were obvious pros and cons to the changes they make during the off season. Damn those interns!

They have some cool commercials promoting the new season which makes the crew out to be a bunch of soldiers of fortune with some exploding pyrotechnics in the back but having Jarrod and Brandy come out of an Aston Martin might be a bit too much. But it was nice of you to lend them your car Barry. Hahaha. Apparently it’s the most money that A&E has ever spent on a commercial for one of their shows. The commercial led me to believe that this season would be better than ever but I was just a little disappointed.

We watched the two new episodes of Storage Wars and the one part that I absolutely loved was the whole Barry getting ready for the auction bit. THAT was pretty funny.

And RIGHT after this Barry cracks open 3 eggs into a glass and then drinks it! AHH! I didn’t think he would actually do it. Watching Barry shadow bid just cracks me up so much!

The main reason why I was so let down with the new season was because of the changes they had made to the graphics on the screen. They changed the font for when they introduce everyone and they also revamped the graphics for the bids. The new designs kind of really suck, to be honest. They’re really hard to read and they are in constant motion. They even changed the storage locker front that they show right before commercials too.

It also kind of made me sad that Dave wasn’t bidding on as much stuff because he doesn’t have the space. And yes I noticed that Jarrod and Brandy either traded in/ sold/ or put aside their Chrysler 300 for a Cadillac CTS. Didn’t think I would notice?

I couldn’t find any screenshots of the changes that I’m talking about though. Lame. I am going to find them! Even if I have to do it myself!

Let’s see…the old bid screen would look like this:

And here are the new graphics (and like I mentioned earlier, the graphics are in constant motion and kind of make you sick if you look too hard).

They made all the letters look like how they would if they were ACTUALLY painted on a locker front. Gay.

And this is what the new bidding system looks like. It’ll give you a headache.

BUT Darrell says some pretty funny shit. He got really angry at his son Brandon and said that Brandon either has to “ship up or shape out”. Hahaha. And if he can’t get along with Brandon that they are going to be “ka poop…I mean kaput!” Hahaha. Priceless.

I hope they can do something about the fonts…please! The old design was perfectly fine! Meh.

A girl can dream…


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Fisker Karma

So I saw one of these on Sunday while Eddie and I were in Santa Monica to watch Bullhead (which I will also write about later). It was nice to finally see one in person but when I did I realized a lot of things…of course I won’t be able to write about how it drives or handles because obviously I haven’t had the chance to take it for a test drive but one thing I can talk about is the design.

Body = Maserati + Dodge
Grill = BMW
Rear Tail lights = Aston Martin + Audi + Maserati
Rear Symbol = BMW
Rear Trunk Light = Mercedes Benz
Long Hood = BMW Z Series

Among other things…

Does that sound about right to everyone?


Maserati GranTurismo

 Maserati GranTurismo Body+ Dodge Charger Doors and Windows =



BMW Split Grill but slightly elongated (to look like a moustache)

Back Symbol + Rear Tail Lights

Mixture between Aston Martin thin style design+ Audi Q7 LED Tail Lights + Maserati’s Gran Turismo Top Row LED Tail lights

Fisker Karma Tail Lights

And a little bit of Mercedes Benz Back/Trunk Light

And of course the rear embedded symbol looks just like BMW as well.

And the Long Hood from the BMW Z Series.

But I guess this is what Coleridge was talking about…how poets need to take from secondary imagination to create new art. Poets must draw from the primary imagination and use it with the technical aspects of poetry to create real art and just not art that is technically correct. And I’m sure Coleridge never meant it to be used in the creation and design of cars but I think it’s important to consider the imagination as well as technicality when coming up with new automobile designs. No design will ever be original but people can take past creations and turn them into their own creation which I believe Fisker has yet to do with the Karma. I understand that they want a sporty fun roadster yet at the same time want an eco friendly solar powered vehicle,  but I think there are a lot of things they can improve upon to try and deliver on all fronts. Although it does give their company a bit of an edge by marketing the Karma as a fuel efficient “green mission” car but it’s not enough to have these cars flying off the shelves.

But I think Derrida’s SSP also helps me to understand and deconstruct the Karma into an open-ended discourse.


Fun Fact: Leonardo di Caprio traded in his Prius for a Fisker Karma.

I don’t know if the 52 MPGe is enough to get people to buy it PURELY as a hybrid car. It runs 32 miles on electricity and then 20 miles per gallon after that. *Shrug*

With a base price of $95,500 I’d have to want it for it’s design or speed rather than it’s gas saving qualities. Well, take a look at a test run Motor Trend did and see what you think:


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