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NBA Commercial of the Day

Don’t make me trade you to Kris Humphries’ entourage…



Sorry about the Chinese subtitles.

This commercial takes me back to my high school days. I don’t really care about shoes so whenever I had a new pair on, which would be once a year or so, EVERYONE would notice. WHY DO YOU KNOW I HAVE NEW SHOES?!?!


Is this what children today are interested in? New shoes EVERYDAY?


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Commercial of the Day

It’s another Old Spice commercial but you HAVE to watch it!

If you love gigantic wolves, you’ll love it.

If you love luxury cars, you’ll love it.

If you love over dramatic cologne commercials with gorgeous women fawning over men, then you’ll love it.

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Commercial of the Day

Pay me in Gum Dove Chocolate?

Imagine if someone just went around tipping people in Dove Chocolate…

Some people would be presently surprised,

while others would be downright pissed.

I’ve tipped people in cookies before…

Hey, sometimes a girl just doesn’t have any cash on her!

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Commercial of the Day

It says it was a Superbowl commercial…but I don’t remember watching it then.

It’s pretty priceless though.

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Commercial of the Day

I’m going to Disney World!

And he’s already been to Disney World! And been in a parade!

Boy…that was fast!

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I almost forgot one

Love the Goat…especially when it screams.

Just priceless.

Happy Monday!

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Commercial of the Day

Ridin Dirty~

I saw it for the first time today but apparently it’s 11 months old?

Still put a smile on my face, that’s for sure.

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Worst Superbowl 2013 commercial of the Year

besides all those stupid local Hawaiian ones that I had to see repeatedly,

HAS to be this Dodge commercial.

Hands down.

Worst commercial, not only for the Superbowl, but seriously


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Best Superbowl 2013 Commercial

Literally THE best commercial during this Superbowl!

Played at JUST the right moment and everything!

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