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What better way to start a Monday than with a Western?


I am very well aware that it is Wednesday today… it just took me a while to update but better late than never right?

So the first picture is what I usually see in the mornings on my way to school. It’s been a little dark and cloudy lately and it’ll rain near campus but for the most part the weather has been very agreeable.

The corvette is probably the only nice car I’ve seen in a while and in LA I wouldn’t even count it in amongst the VERY nice cars but this is Hawaii. All the nice cars are across the street at the luxury car dealership. It was still nice to see nonetheless.

And for our film class we had to watch Shane and I was pretty lucky that it was on Netflix. I bought some pho and enjoyed the movie (as best as I could). Nothing against the movie but you know it’s hard to watch a movie when you’re at home and you have a million other things to do.

But for those of you who have not seen it yet, here is MY quick summary (without ruining it).


For our film class we are moving into the Western genre and what better way to start it than with Shane. Filmed in 1953 (although my book says 1952 for some reason), Shane is a typical Western in which there is a conflict between two groups and as the movie goes on it becomes obvious that there are multiple contrasts in the movie. Like Thomas Shatz says in his book, “The film is a virtual ballet of oppositions, all perceived from Joey’s (the young boy) viewpoint”. The main conflict being with the homesteaders who are trying to be forced/scared out of their land by the ranchers. This again refers to the battle between things such as: social law versus primitive law, equality vs survival of the fittest and even much simpler things such as the future versus the past.

The main character Shane, who borders between both groups, has to try and negotiate and somehow create a sense of order. Shane is trying to leave his gunslinger past in order to work for Joe Starrett (Joey’s father), but as chaos arises and there is need for a resolution Shane is the only person able to act because the society around him is too weak to do so. “And it is these actions that finally enforce social order but necessitate his departure from the community he has saved”.

Shane is a classic Western that helps define the genre but at the same time this film also helps viewers understand the transformations that have taken place within the genre since 1953. And who doesn’t like watching gunslingers save whole towns, am I right?

So like I said, it’s on Netflix so if you have some free time on your hands, it’s definitely worth checking out!

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C is for Corvette

A view from our hotel room in Waikiki.

I actually haven’t been to the beach yet because well…I don’t really care for the beach. It is what it is.

I bought Silent Hill (The old one) to play but…it freaked the shit out of me early on so….I’m going to return it. Yup. I’m a big ol’ chicken.

But I’ve been watching Mark play Saints Row the Third and I have to say it’s pretty entertaining. He even made a character after me. She looked pretty strange though…her cheekbones were a little too high…but her Russian accent made up for everything.

I also like identifying every car that the cars in the game are modeled after. Most are weird hybrid versions of cars like half Jaguar and half Mitsubishi or half Bentley and half Chrysler. Hahaha. Mark’s been pretty comfy in his wannabe CTS or otherwise known as the “Sovereign”. Pretty close to the original though.

And all the gangsters drive the Rolls Royce and Bentley knock offs.

But that’s not why I’m writing this blog. I started this entry because I saw a classic beauty in the parking lot the other day. Any guess as to what it is?


Yup! That’s right! A classic 1973 Corvette!

Sorry for the awkward shots. There were cars on either side so I couldn’t take a better picture. Ugh you should have seen the paint job and those seats! God! They were to die for!

The Chevrolet Corvette or also known as the Chevy Corvette Stingray Coupe (C3) was designed to break away from the C2. It still used the same chassis but the interior and exterior were brand new designs.

And for those of you who are curious here is some background information on the Corvette.

The Corvette is made by Chevrolet which is a division of General Motors and it has been in production for 6 six generations now. The first prototype was a concept car that was debuted in 1953 at the GM Motorama. And I’m sure for those of you who have read my previous posts they will already know that the name “Corvette” comes from a small warship that they used to use in World War II. The warship has been around since the 1650s but the modern Corvette warship that we know now was designed during WWII.

And I’m sure most of you already know but the Corvette is also called the Stingray.

The Corvette that I saw on the street is a 3rd generation Corvette and it was modeled after the concept car the Mako Shark II which was designed by Larry Shinoda in 1961.

I actually really like the naming of cars using an aquatic theme. It not only keeps with the sea theme that the name “Corvette” brings to the table but it also sets these cars apart from the other cars that just name their automobiles after big cats.

Mark was part of a group survey one time and when they asked what they would like their dream car to be named after almost everyone responded that they wanted it named after a big fast cat. Weird huh? I rather have a Shark than a Cougar anyday. UGH MERCURY COUGAR! Gross…

wait I take that back. I’d take a muscle car classic Cougar…BUT only if I couldn’t get my hands on a Shark or a Stingray.

I mean, throughout the years there have been slight changes and improvements to the design along the way but by only changing what is necessary (under the hood & technological advances) the Corvette keeps the feel of being a classic. Chevrolet isn’t afraid to change with the times which is great for both newer and older customers but by maintaining the same body shape and style it makes the car more relatable to a number of generations which helps Chevy keep a steady flow of customers as their business grows.

There’s a reason the Corvette is called the “Mid-Life Crisis Car”. It’s a car that people dream of owning, it doesn’t have to be specific to a certain generation of Corvette or even body style. Corvette just possesses this hold on customers by offering them something old and familiar yet something new to them  to experience. The feeling of driving a Corvette or riding in a Corvette sometimes gives people the same thrill as seeing another one on the road. It’s that connection that Americans feel to an all around classic. This pull to an immediate relief of stress and worry which is replaced by adventures and speed draws customers from all age groups to indulge in the Corvette. And that is why it has done so well for so many generations. There are so many cars that have never survived past the 50s and 60s but the Corvette has proved time after time that there is something to be said about their way of design and marketing. I can only imagine what they will be like in another 60 years.

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The Concept of Beauty

Can be so twisted sometimes don’t you think?

I’m not even going to rip on this person for driving a Nissan Versa okay. Not even going there. I drove one, they’re okay. Beat a Porsche Carrera in one but the one I was in had NO arm rest and it was dark as fuck, more than normal. The light usually found on the ceiling of the car is usually in between the passenger and driver somewhere closer to the front but this one was way back somewhere else. But that is not why I put a picture of this Nissan Versa up on my blog.

JUST LOOK AT IT! If you can’t see what’s wrong…their is something wrong with you and you probably need to get your eyes checked.

For those of you who STILL haven’t figured it out. Look at the tail lights. Sure there are Nissan Versa’s with either one set of lights or the other BUT NOT BOTH! For God’s sake…not both… And it’s not even like it’s hard to find Nissan Versa parts? How many places did you check? I bet even if I just checked Craigslist I could come up with better. But it doesn’t even look like the car got into an accident or anything. Did someone just bust the right tail light and the driver thought it was the perfect opportunity to be unique and different with their Nissan Versa?


Now HERE’S a car you can get attached to:

A Chevrolet Corvair

Yay! Time to learn about a classic car!

The Chevrolet Corvair was in production from 1960-1969. Well model is 1960, production started in 1959. A lot of people, including Ralph Nader, dismissed it as one of the worst cars made at the time (1961 model) because of it’s tendency to spin out because of it’s rear engine. Talking about rear engines, the Corvair was the first mass produced American Car that had a rear-mounted air cooled flat 6 engine. Neat  huh? What happened to the car? Ralph Nader’s book killed it pretty much, his book Unsafe at Any Speed really turned off the consumer base who was eating up the car until then. Over 200,000 cars sold each yeah of the 6 model years but bad publicity kills everything. But this car is pretty neat. It got labeled as a “compact” car and that term became popular. A compact car is a car of a wheelbase of 110 inches or less. What’s funny was that this car was designed to rival the rising sales of the Volkswagen Beetle and it worked for a while but Volkswagen did SOMETHING right, at least back then. Hahaha.

The birth of the name is really interesting as well. The name Corvair was supposed to be used for the 1953 Corvette but they discarded the name and chose to go with “Corvette” instead. The Corvair was also supposed to use the 1953 Corvette as a basis but the design team ended up going in a completely different direction when it came time to unveil the new design. It looked nothing like what it was supposed to have been based on. Not only that both names stem from a WW2 influence. The Corvette was an attack boat while a “Corsair” (with an S) was a fighter plane used during the war. It is said that Ed Cole, the head designer of the Corvair, named it the “Corsair” but because of miscommunications and mispronunciations then name “Corvair” seemed to have stuck. It sounds pretty cool to me.

And here’s the WW2 Corvette War ship

And the WW2 Corsair Fighter Plane

It’s funny how car names come about isn’t it?

ww2 references
Wild and Ferocious Cats
Cute Animals
Mountainous Regions
And just plain absurd creations from someone’s demented and twisted imagination.

Hope you learned something! I sure did!

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