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How hard is it to find a dirt biking class?

All I want to do is learn how to ride a dirt bike…BUT WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND CLASSES?!?!?!

I looked for classes in Oahu and all I find are Motocross parks. What? Is everyone on the island of Hawaii just BORN with the know how on how to ride a dirt bike? It’s times like these I wish I grew up with a red neck dad…

So instead I tried to look for classes in LA so I could learn before I had to move and they’re all a kazillion miles away and cost hundreds of dollars. Fine. I can pay $200 for an all day class but I have to drive 40+miles too? UGH. REALLY?

Why can’t I have girly hobbies? Why?!

Maybe I’ll just focus on finding a new place to continue learning how to pole dance. ¬†How sad is that? It’s easier for me to be a stripper than to enjoy the outdoors on a bike. REALLY SAD.

Well at least I found a place for more pole dancing lessons…that’s a start at least. Yay…

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