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Love for Josh Smith & Blake Griffin’s Airball free throws!

So we had my grandfather’s wake yesterday and another service along with the burial today and it was heartbreaking for all of us. So much so that my uncle forgot about his son’s YMCA basketball playoff game that by the time I reminded him it was too late to make it home and to the game. My cousin was depressed and my uncle told me to take him somewhere so I looked at who was playing a home game tonight and since the Lakers were away playing the New Orleans Hornets (who they beat) I decided we could go watch the Clippers because they were set to play the Hawks and I love Josh Smith.

When I looked up tickets they started at $1 each…seriously $1. So I upgraded our seats and got better for $4 per person. Haha. I got to take all 4 of my cousins to the game. I only usually take Matthew because the girls never showed much interest in sports but it was nice I could share the experience with all of them today.

So we bought tickets and made our way down to the Staples Center!

Boy was today special. Who thought rooting for the Hawks and Josh Smith would get me so much shit…ESPECIALLY when I’m with 4 little kids. Hahaha. We all laughed about it though.

They had a little Call of Duty Elite commercial going on. Which made me happy. Hahaha. I thought they were going to give away a Call of Duty jeep and I got all excited!…but they didn’t. Oh well.

When they introduced the Atlanta Hawks they played Star Wars music which was hilarious. I was like THIS JUST MAKES ME LIKE THEM EVEN MORE! YEAH! I mean…I still wish Mike Bibby was on the Hawks but we can’t win EVERYTHING right?

And like in every sports event in America they have to sing the national anthem before anyone does anything serious so tonight they brought out the kids from Hollywood High to sing the anthem and do you know what? It was the BEST FUCKIN ANTHEM EVER! You know why? Because when the camera man was slowly making his way around the encircled group to get a shot of each of their angelic singing faces all you could see in the back was crotch shot after crotch shot of each of the Clipper Spirits (Cheerleaders). They’re all ugly in the face so this was the best angle he was getting of them all night! Hahaha.

Aww. I had fans hatin’ on me ALL NIGHT LONG! These B.O. ridden, band wagon jumping jerks from douche city just kept cheering in my face and getting up after each play so I did the same exact thing. Every time the Hawks made a play I’d just stick it in their fuckin faces and you know what? The Clippers missed SO MANY free throws today it was embarrassing.

Sure, Blake Griffin can dunk but he has to be one of the WORST free throw shooters out there. I have proof!

Air ball free throws

Not to mention we all know this is a frequent occurrence. We all know today wasn’t the first time. Because I have proof of that too!

The 4 boys behind me kept dissing the Hawks but they kept asking me if I could buy them a beer because they’re underaged.

Uh….yeah right. I just laughed in their face.

They were saying that the Clippers are better than the Lakers but I had to remind them that the Clippers are actually FIFTH count it, 5th (1-2-3-4-5th) in the Western Conference. AND that they’ve lost 2 games in a row. That’s right! I know my stats! What’s up bitches? Come bring it?

Told them I was a Laker fan for like and that I hated the Clippers. And of course their reply was that I hated the “NEW LA TEAM” but I pointed to the Championship flags and retired jerseys and asked them to point out which of THOSE were Clipper related? EXACTLY! THAT’S RIGHT! NONE OF THOSE ARE BITCHES!



I’m a fan of basketball. I couldn’t even diss Mo Williams when he played tonight (He played amazingly by the way) because I’ve loved him EVER since he was on the Cavaliers. How can I jump teams now? One that has a racist money hungry owner who doesn’t give TWO SHITS about his fans. Yeah no thanks, I’ll stick with my Lakers.

Oh what? Did someone just BLOCK THE FUCK out of your fast break? Oh well I’m sorry…

I got to see Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, Kirk Hinrich AND TMac. I had an AWESOME day.

This one dude in front of me who was on his phone the whole time turns around and says,

“If you hate the Clippers so much, why did you PAY to see them?”

And I looked him RIGHT in the face and said,

“I paid $2 for this seat to watch Josh Smith”.¬†

And he didn’t turn back around the whole game.

And whenever the guys behind me would say,

“Fuck that n****, who is Josh Smith? Who is Joe Johnson?”

I’d just respond with,

“They’re still better than you. I don’t see YOU playing in the NBA”.



The two guys in front of me were nice, true Clippers fans from way back when. We talked and he asked why I hated them and I told him I was a fan of the game and that I wasn’t a fan of how the Clippers were run and he understood. We talked sports some more and he kept saying, “This girl knows her NBA” but by the end of it they were asking for my number but I told them I was getting married. Hahaha.

Trying to date someone who hates your team? Hahahaha.

My cousins had a fun time watching me yell at EVERYBODY! The other Hawks fans were so quiet. Every once in a while they would say something but not often.

It’s okay Hawks. Still #6 in the East! And Josh Smith probably isn’t going to be traded by tomorrow but I doubt he’ll be there during the off season.

All in all a good day for a rowdy fan of basketball. FEELS GOOD!

OH And here’s my FUN FACT for the day!

The last time the Clippers beat the Hawks was Feb 7 2009. Yup. 3 years. SUCK ON THAT  CLIPPER BITCHES!

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My mentor passed away today

I was awoken this morning by my mother who I hadn’t seen crying for some time now.

She came to tell me that my grandfather had passed away just then and I had no idea what to do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to his house to see him because I didn’t want to see everyone during their moment of weakness. I had never seen these people cry and I wasn’t ready to face it just yet but with some convincing I was able to make it over there. It was hard but I’m glad I went through with it.

I went to work to get my mind off things and because they really needed me and I’m glad that I did. I got a lot of support from my awesome coworkers and I love them so much for it. I asked for tomorrow off though. I’m going to take some time for me (and my essays).

The reason why I have a picture of a Buick Park Avenue is because I was practically raised in this car when my mother was at work. My grandfather had picked me up every day from preschool even till early college. He was there for me rain or shine. The few days it DID rain in LA, it was practically a storm but it did not stop my grandfather from coming to pick me up with an extra umbrella in hand. Some days he would be knee deep in water but it never deterred him one bit. Often when I was a little girl and the neighbor’s yard was unkempt and teaming with snails my knight in shining armor would make his way around the car just to pick me up and carry me across safely. I loved those days. Other days we’d buy tacos at Taco Bell and when we were both in the mood for a treat we’d each get a scoop of ice cream from Rite Aid. We drove just about everywhere in that car. Do you know where he got it? Since my grandfather had bought my mother HER first car (Blue Toyota Tercel) my mother returned the favor by buying him a car as well. I was heartbroken when hoodlums stole the car for parts and the cops found it days later in downtown LA stripped of EVERYTHING and it was just the body of the car resting on cinderblocks. The insurance company gave us a whole $200 to replace the car. Shmucks! I loved the velvety insides with the old time radio. There wasn’t a single thing I hated about that car. And there wasn’t a single thing more that my grandfather could have done for me. Since my mother was a single mom, my grandfather was the dad that I had never had. Being the only kid in my family for 10 years, my grandfather gave all his love to me. He’d buy me delicious snacks, take me everywhere and be there when I was sad or feeling ill. I’d play Chinese chess with him while he would teach me Chinese characters. We’d eat lunch together and end it with a few pieces of Konpeito candy or a biscuit cookie. Water the lawn together or rake up old leaves. Sit in front of the heater while he watches news in several different Asian languages. Talk about his times during the war or about him walking 2 miles to go to school in the snow with no shoes on. Who knows if it was true or not. All I know is that I will forever love my grandfather and that I would not be who I am today if it were not for him. He was the support that I needed to grow up healthy and strong. I love you grandpa and I’m going to miss you.

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