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Hyundai Genesis & Equus Marketing Tactics

So we all know about product placement and the techniques of branding that companies use, like well designed labeling and the weight of price over value, but what you don’t know is to what effects marketing tactics like these can have on an unsuspecting customer base.

What do I mean by this? For example Hyundai uses the same tactics to market their cars to not only the new younger generation but to those worried about the class status of their vehicle and what it in turn says about them. Like the design of a Hyundai but fear that you will be looked down upon for owning a cheap Korean car? Well look no further because for people who can’t tell the difference between a Mercedes Benz and a Hyundai without the hood ornament, all it takes is a new symbol.

The reason why I know it is working is because not only have people in LA been embracing the new design but because people who know me send me pictures of new Hyundai’s thinking it is a more expensive car that I might be interested in taking a look at. Yes, it’s happened. To the average Joe Shmoe the new Hyundai Genesis has the look of a brand new luxury sedan. The body shape of the Hyundai Genesis is basically the love child of the Toyota Camry and the Mercedes Benz S550 plus or minus an awkward looking grill


Hyundai Genesis

Toyota Camry

Mercedes Benz S550 (Brabus)

See the resemblance? But by taking off the Hyundai symbol that used to come on the older models it has boosted sales incredibly. When the Hyundai Genesis first went on sale August of 2008 sales were dismal but now but sales rose to over 21,000 vehicles in 2009 and they are expected to sell over 50,000 units every year from here on out. That’s a big jump from 6,000 units in 5 months.

But the marketing ploys don’t stop here. Toyota has the Lexus, Nissan has the Infinity so Hyundai wanted their own Premium Brand name as well so they created the Equus brand.

But instead of being original they have borrowed from many designs to make only an inferior copy of greatness. Basically they’ve made a rear wheel drive platform vehicle copy to try and sell to the mass population as a luxury sedan.

Unoriginal qualities

-The name itself is a Latin term meaning horse or steed. (Real Original).

-The hood ornament looks AWFULLY similar to the Rolls Royce flying woman emblem.

-Mercedes S Class body frame from the top/front & BMW 5/6 series frame from side and back.

-Double between Lincoln grill and the split grill BMW is known for.

-Mercedes Benz headlights / tail lights

Why would I pay over $60,000 for a mere shoddy replica of a nice car?

Heavy curb weight, horrible turning diameter, 15mpg…

It’s one thing to pay $34,000 on a car that looks expensive (Genesis) but it’s another thing to spend twice that on something that is basically the same but just has a V8 instead of a V6. Did I mention you get better gas mileage from the Genesis?

It’s hard to find anything that offsets the Equus from the Genesis. There is no WOW factor, even reviewers claim that this is the new Mercedes. Just because you copy the shape and look does not mean that the S class is replaceable. There is a reason the Mercedes Benz S Class keeps winning the Best Luxury Sedan of the year award.

For people who know nothing about cars and want to believe that the Hyudai Equus is better than the Mercedes Benz S Class, they can go right ahead into thinking so. Don’t fall for the branding marketing ploys of Hyundai.

Low Torque, Inferior Interior, no All wheel drive = THAT is what you’re getting from the Equus.

Coming from a family who owns multiple S Class Mercedes, never have they disappointed me in horsepower, interior design or driving capabilities.

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Where do they come up with this stuff?

What am I talking about?
What else could I be talking about!

The Hyundai Veloster

Where in the hell did they come up with such a ridiculous name. Really? “Velocity” + “Roadster”? You might as well call it a Trypdick or an Orasity, get it? “Orange” + “Monstrosity”.

Why 3 doors? Because you can bring your other whore along too, that’s right! You know why… Is that really supposed to sell it? Are all the guys watching going to go, “Hey! If I buy a Hyundai Veloster I can have 2 bimbos instead of 0! I better go pick one up RIGHT NOW!”. Yeah…I don’t think so. Was this really the best marketing ploy they could come up with?

Who in their right mind would think rolling up to a club (or anywhere for that matter) in a brightly colored Veloster would be a good idea? Really? If it were me, I’d park it 6 blocks away and lie that my driver had taken my Rolls Royce to be parked. Or say that that Ferrari parked outside the club was mine. ANYTHING for God’s sake. Do you really want the type of girls that would get in a Veloster to get into YOUR car? No thank you.

What in the world is wrong with having 4 doors?

Do these designers not understand that the human brain is programmed to see symmetry as beauty?

Being unique and “out there” is one thing but they could have gone about it different ways.

I think the Dutch made a better Veloster commercial. It didn’t SELL the car but it did make for a very entertaining commercial.

Maybe they can hire me to sell their cars. I bet I could come up with a more realistic and memorable way to sell the Veloster. I’d have to do some research but I think I could do it.

THIS is supposed to be a part of Hyundai’s “Premium Youth Lab”? Is this really what young people of today want to drive around? Maybe I should just shoot myself now and get it over with. What happened to classic cars, cars kids can race and tune up, cars kids dream about growing up, cars kids watch in super hero movies, cars that kids see celebrities driving or even their parents or someone they look up to. This America, is not that car. I don’t care if it has a greenhouse effect or an all glass hatchback roof. This car is just a disappointment to all children and adults that crave that new ingenuity of up and coming designers. You’re not even close Hyundai…not even.

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