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The Clips travel their way to another bullshit play

It’s not even halftime yet and the Clippers have been traveling the shit out of this game and most of them have been getting away with it too, which I say is total bull honkey!

Chris Paul took 3 whole steps before he passed that ball to Bitch Griffin and not only did they fail to call the travel but they counted the basket that Griffin made after such an illegal pass.

Total horse shit!

The Grizzlies still got this though! I believe in you guys!

Lakers & Lebron post coming up soon!

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Blake Griffin made all 4 of his free throws? I call bullshit!

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Know why?

Because the Grizzlies owned this shit today! It’s not over bitches!

I was a little pissed when they put a “Clippers vs Spurs” game time on during the halftime but you better make that “Grizzlies vs Spurs” bitches!

Bring it on!

Game 7 in MEMPHIS!

But seriously, Blake Griffin made all of his free throws. What are the fuckin odds of that happening?


Zach Randolph made 16 rebounds today and Marc had the most points with 23. The Grizzlies had an overall better shooting percentage except for the free throws because towards the end the Grizzlies missed a lot of their free throws. But what’s surprising to me is that the Grizzlies had a total of 22 turnovers in comparison to the Clippers 9 but they still managed to kick some serious Clipper ass.

But boy was this game tense. Tied 6 times and 9 lead changes. But I believe the Grizzlies will be able to deliver the finishing blow to knock down the Clippers from the ranks.

Best day ever.

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He’s on Fire! Boom Shaka Laka!

What better way to start a blog entry than with clips of Marc Gasol pulverizing Slop City’s own Bitch Griffin.

Here’s one where Marc just crushes Griffin’s foot.

And then the one everyone saw last night of Marc falling on top of Prissy Pants Griffin.


And watch Wade just smack the ball right out of Carmelo’s hands.

You’re not scoring on my turf BITCH!

Let’s watch that again but with Lebron and Tyson Chandler. Love those clean blocks! The Knicks didn’t even stand a chance in Hell against the Heat. Well, at least they stopped their 20 game playoff losing streak. Yay? Hahaha.

God I love playoffs season.

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Thunder advances.

Clean win against the Mavs.

Maybe next time Dirk.

Whenever I think of KD anymore I can’t help but think of his Doodle Jump/Sprint commercial. I ended up downloading the game because of the commercial but it was just so so. Nothing too special about it. I’m going to go back to playing Draw Something and Hang Something or other.

Thunder vs Lakers will be an awesome upcoming series and Mark and I are very much looking forward to it. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were at the Playoffs games 2 years ago between the Lakers and the Thunder. The Thunder won’t be as easy to beat this year so the Lakers will have to bring all that they’ve got to make it a good series of games.

I’m sure we’ll have our own bets going on when the time comes for them.

We’ll be able to watch the Playoffs from Hong Kong…right? RIGHT?

I’d be happy too if Fisher could get another ring before Kobe.

It is what it is. Good thing he’s not on the Rockets. Phew~!

Spurs advance.

A little love kiss between Tim Duncan and Al Jefferson. An unrequited love met with such a bitter ending.

I’ll still be your bottom bitch Tim!

Hahaha. I’m just kidding. Love the angling on this picture though. Just priceless.

Let’s face it, the Jazz never had a chance and neither did the Mavs.

Still no Championship for the Jazz. Better luck next year.

I have the Spurs beating either the Grizzlies or the Clippers but losing to the Thunder or the Lakers. I’ve been disappointed before by the Spurs. No longer will I bet on them to win anything. I learned my lesson the first time around.

Clippers lead Grizzlies 3-1

I think they call this position the “Saucy Spoon”.

Come on guys, get a hotel room.

But anyways, I am going to puke. Not only do I absolutely despise the Clippers but I actually bet that the Grizzlies would take the Series…UGH. I might be out some moolah! AND IT WAS SUCH A CLOSE GAME YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! UGH…

I was watching during work and it seemed like it just went on forever. I still believe in Marc and OJ! LETS DO THIS SHIT!

Predictions and Hopes for Today’s Game Schedule

-Lakers close out the Nuggets, once and for all.

-76ers prove that the Bulls are nothing without Rose.

-Pacers halt the Magic’s attempt at a comeback.

-Hawks rise above the Celtics with a last minute clinch!

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I was going to write a blog about what I did for the rest of my birthday but FUCK IT!

You know why?

Because the Clippers just beat the Grizzlies by 1 fuckin goddamn point!



It’s okay. It’ll probably go to 6 to 7 games but I’m not worried.

The Clippers are still the WANNABE team of LA.

Here’s a clip of Dante Cunningham dunking over Blake Griffin though. That made me feel better.

And I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing Blake Griffin in his stupid Kia Optima commercials! BULLSHIT!

The Clippers aren’t going to go too far so I’m not too worried.



And here’s another clip of Zach keeping spirits high by showing his stuff on the floor!

The Lakers and the Heat HAVE THIS SHIT! So I’m not too worried.

I’ll write about my birthday later.

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