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Products native to Hawaii

I’ve actually found some food that they only have here (or so I’m guessing) which I think is pretty neat, like ANY location specific thing really.

Oh and here’s a picture of a rainbow I saw the other day. I took the picture so I thought I might as well post it, right?

So we all know Hawaii’s famous for Shaved Ice so why not make a version to sell in stores for you to take home?

Already done.

And the surprising part of this? It’s actually really good. We finished all 6 of them almost as soon as we got home. Yum! I actually prefer shaved ice desserts to ice cream or yogurt so this totally made my day!

And guess what I found to send to Mark’s brother?

Pepperidge Farm Maui Cookies! Who knows if they have these back home or not but I sure as hell haven’t seen them before. Let’s hope he likes them! I just think it’s so cool to see it in the store though. I’m not really one for cookies so I didn’t buy one for myself. I’m sure they’re delicious though. Maybe I’ll try them another time.

Even at Jamba Juice they have Summer specials!

Strawberry Lemonade, Tropical Mango and Watermelon Splash! Made with Coconut Water! I thought about trying this too but my love for coconuts stop at the meat. To me coconut water tastes like rotten water (if such a thing is possible). I’ve tried so many times to like it or get used to it but no matter how many $4 flavored coconut water things I buy at Whole Foods it doesn’t seem to change a thing. It is what it is I guess.

I’ll post more stuff as it becomes apparent.

On a side note, I think I have strep throat. UGH. NO FUN!

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