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Django Unchained


Finally saw “Django Unchained” last night. For some reason whenever I try to remember the name of this film I keep thinking that it is “Django Unleashed”. Not really the same feel but I don’t know why I keep thinking it’s ‘Unleashed’ instead of ‘Unchained’.

I’ve wanted to see this movie for a while now but Mark wasn’t as interested so my friend being over gave me a great opportunity to go watch it.

Whoever made the promotional commercials for this movie should be shot. Literally.

The commercials didn’t even describe the movie let alone make it the least bit interesting.

This movie was long but worth every penny. Plot was well written and executed perfectly. The movie kind of reminded me of “Iron Fists” even though Mark disagrees with me.

A Black man coming to power in a world dominated by either White people or Asians.

For me though, Christoph Waltz MADE this movie. I loved him in “Inglourious Basterds” and I loved him in “Django”. His acting was superb and perfect to a T. Paired with Jamie Foxx, they make an amazing duo on screen. They play well off of each other’s energies and it was a fun sight to see.

I don’t want to say TOO much for those of you who haven’t watched it yet but I will say this.

Like a bottle of well aged wine, Leonardo DiCaprio is stellar in his performance as a southern plantation owner. He plays the part well and you can’t help but be hooked by his air of southern charm. It was as if he was born for this role.

It was hard at times to see slavery at its worst but it all contributed to the realness of the film. It gave the film life and meaning beyond that of just simple entertainment.

Add all of that and the usual Tarantino bloodshed and you have a wonderfully funny yet witty movie on your hands.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. Clear out 3 hours of your day and enjoy~ I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Looper Review

Before you say anything, YES I went to go see it.

Hey, Rotten Tomatoes gave it 92%. I’m not really sure why but it had it’s moments. And who doesn’t like seeing Bruce Willis do his thing?

So if you plan to see the movie you can stop reading here. I won’t put too many spoilers but how can you do a review of a movie when you don’t say anything about it right?

The way they filmed Looper was very aesthetically pleasing. There’s a mix of new and old cars and stuff like that but the way that the director interpreted some of the stuff happening in the movie was just breathtaking. How changes in the present can instantly be seen in the future self. It might just sound like a bunch of confusing mumbo jumbo but if you watch the movie you’ll see what I mean.

Everyone’s acting was pretty on point. Great dialogue between characters. Beautiful shots. There’s one part where they’re in the cornfields and it just reminded me of North by Northwest. Running through the cornfields for cover kinda stuff.

If you have read other reviews yes they do include stuff like TK or telekinetic powers but it is what it is.

The ending was disappointing though. Plot hole. Plot hole. PLOT HOLE. But I had an easier time dealing with them than Mark did.

Go see it if you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt and/or Bruce Willis is hot. If you get too anal about the possibility of time travel and the logistics of changing the present in order to change the future, maybe take a rain check on it so you don’t go absolutely nuts.

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