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Hong Kong Part 4 – Zoological Gardens & Ocean Park

Since my schedule change I have yet another day off from work so writing more blog entries it is!

We were waiting for the Sky Tram or what have you but it was broken and we didn’t want to wait in line till it was up and running again so we decided to go to the Zoological Gardens that was right up the street with more emphasis on the “UP”. I thought I was going to pass out just attempting to walk up hill to this place but it was well worth the trip. My apologies to Mark for all the whining uphill.

All the animals we saw were, for once, very active and happy. Even though it was an unbearably hot day outside they were out and about enjoying themselves which made this whole experience that much more worth it.

It was pretty nice too because the place was free. It was just like any other park but with animals in it. A great place to take your kids or if you just want a nice stroll around your neighborhood.

And we can’t have a blog entry without my favorite Koi Fish somewhere on here can we?

And guess where else we ended up going?

No, we decided to skip over Hong Kong Disneyland because we heard it was just BLEH so we decided to go to Ocean Park instead! And not only did we have tons of fun but the views on the tram over were just GORGEOUS. (Although to be 100% honest I was scared to death that I was going to fall to my painful and immediate death. I was wondering how my mother would make it to my mangled body on this random mountain in Hong Kong but thank God we had a safe passage across). And for those of you who are confused, I will explain. Ocean Park is built in about 2 parts (depending on how you count it, it could end up being 3-4 but I’ll make it 2 to be simple). One side with the Aquarium and animal exhibits are on one side of the mountain and the side with the rides and shows are built on a completely different mountain. I took some pictures from the tram but let me see if I can find a picture to better illustrate what I am trying to explain.

The view from the first park/entrance side of the park.

The Cable Car ride across. I’m sorry I kept calling it a tram…there’s a tram to get there too for those who are uncomfortable with heights.

The view of almost the whole thing. It’s hard to tell if you haven’t been there but it was gorgeous!

And here are OUR pictures from the cable car ride across.

This should give you a better idea of just the enormous scale of this place. (And maybe understand why I feared for my life).

But before we went on the cable cars the first thing we did was go to the Aquarium and for those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE fish and aquariums. I don’t need them in my own home because they get boring but I love seeing them in a place where people can make friendly environments for them and at the same time take care of them.

Next it was off to see the different species of Goldfish and the Pandas and Red Pandas! So adorable! I took a couple cute polaroids of the pandas…but I will find some for you to see!

So the Goldfish Pavilion looks like this:

and I have NEVER seen so many different varieties of goldfish before. It was amazing!

And here are some pictures of the pandas and red pandas at Ocean Park.

And guess what Mark and I got to do at Ocean Park?

Feed the Sea Lions. YUP! You heard me right!

You should’ve seen Mark throw these fish! Not only did he manage to perfectly throw a fish into the other sea lions mouth but he had these two fighting over fish at another point!

BE JEALOUS! It was TOTALLY awesome and we JUST made it in time for the feeding too! Too bad they don’t really let you do this kind of stuff here. It really did make my day. I feel bad for Mark though because after this I wasn’t really interested in going on any of the roller coasters (because I’m a big scaredy cat). BUT we DID see the little dolphin & sea lion show they had although it was pretty lame.

Want to know what was the most entertaining part of that show?

The Chinese people dressed like a Mexican mariachi band singing Frank Sinatra songs. Yup. It happened.

Don’t mind the girl in the picture, I don’t know who that is. This is the only picture I could find on Google. Hahaha.

Oh! We also saw the Jellyfish aquarium as well as the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium which I thought was pretty neat.

Oh and I ate some dried squid too “Korean Style”. IT WAS SO GOOD! It was like I was a kid again. Yum!

And then we took the Biohsock looking tram back to the main park where we spent a little time getting snacks and toys from random carnival style games they had. Hong Kong is so “good” and “fair” that if you just PAY to play a game they give you a prize. No joke. I got the Bruce Lee bear I wanted by just playing and when we got a win, we just got another prize.

Isn’t that crazy? The area where the games and food are were pretty neat too. They modeled it as a tribute to the “Old Hong Kong”.

We had a great day and it was loads of fun! I DEFINITELY recommend going if you’re ever in Hong Kong!

Besides, who could beat this view?

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