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I’m tired of trade talk…let’s talk about Datsuns

A fan can only take SO MUCH NBA trade rumors so I thought it was about time I go back to my first true love…CARS.

I thought it’d be fun to educate and remember how awesome Datsun’s were. I can’t wait to get my hands on one when I have the cash too.

But before that, here’s some basic info on Datsun:

Datsun was a marketing brand thought up by DAT Motorcar Co in 1931 but initially it was called the Datson to refer to the smaller size of the vehicle. The name DAT is an acronym from the 3 founders names. You know, kind of like N’Sync. Or at least I think that’s what it was…I can’t even remember now. But anyways, after Nissan took over they changed the “son” part to “sun” to give honor to the Japanese Sun that is part of the logo and because “son” () meant loss in Japanese. But Nissan phased out the car by 1986. Even before WW2 Datsuns were a very popular brand and Nissan produced all their cars, except for the trucks, as Datsuns. If anything the Datsun has its roots and story going as far back as Fords. Seriously, starting from early 1900s these babies have been in production! But the reason why they phased out the name was because the new president of Nissan wanted to strengthen the brand power behind the name NISSAN not Datsun. What a fat bastard right?

The cool thing about Datsuns is that they are not just comprised of the average sedan and light weight truck. They are a part of racing history!

With over 80 SSCA racing titles, consecutive Daytona wins and over 200 IMSA victories, Datsuns were a BEAST! They’d take their cars all over the world to race competitively!

Imagine racing one of these babies starting as early as the 1930s, if not earlier!

And every time they lost in a race they just went back to the drawing board to come up with an even better concept that would wow the judges come the next racing season.

But when did Datsun come to America?

Well service men who had been in Japan because of the war had been sneaking them over…somehow. God only knows how those people do it. I once had a friend who’s grandfather sent home piece by piece a German motorcycle and when he got home from the war he rebuilt it himself. Now THAT’S dedication. But after showing at the 1958 Los Angeles Import Car Show they got a few inquiries and they decided to test it out and it was out on the local beach in California that same year. But do you want to know what REALLY got sales rolling? The Fairlady and the bluebird (for obvious reasons).

If only they still made cars like these right?

After that sales just kept getting better for Nissan/Datsun.

But what car MADE Datsun in the US? The 510.

Not only are future Nissans based on it’s design but because of the low cost, great styling and up to date engineering the 510 was nothing but a steal!

Sales just skyrocketed year after year starting at 58,000 in 1968 all the way up to 154,000 in 1970. That’s a LOT of cars sold.

And of course they came out with newer models but like I said earlier they nixed using the name Datsun and started creating the Nissan sedan. It just wasn’t the same after that.

The real downfall of Datsun was when Nissan decided to “let go” of Mr. Yutaka Katayama who in his 15 years at Datsun really turned things around and made a name for Nissan in America but his bold and American Business-like tactics were not well accepted so they moved him to a subsidiary. After he was gone Nissan as well as Datsun just became the norm. There was nothing new and stunning about the cars that had come after his leave. He made Datsun what it is today but I guess it’s what happened to the guy who made Carl’s Jr. right? Just farm him out somewhere. Such a shame sometimes what big corporations can do to ruin themselves. Oh well…

And on a side note, I’m sorry but the new 2002 Datsuns suck. That’s it.

Well I hope you learned something new about cars and about America! Yay cars!

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The Concept of Beauty

Can be so twisted sometimes don’t you think?

I’m not even going to rip on this person for driving a Nissan Versa okay. Not even going there. I drove one, they’re okay. Beat a Porsche Carrera in one but the one I was in had NO arm rest and it was dark as fuck, more than normal. The light usually found on the ceiling of the car is usually in between the passenger and driver somewhere closer to the front but this one was way back somewhere else. But that is not why I put a picture of this Nissan Versa up on my blog.

JUST LOOK AT IT! If you can’t see what’s wrong…their is something wrong with you and you probably need to get your eyes checked.

For those of you who STILL haven’t figured it out. Look at the tail lights. Sure there are Nissan Versa’s with either one set of lights or the other BUT NOT BOTH! For God’s sake…not both… And it’s not even like it’s hard to find Nissan Versa parts? How many places did you check? I bet even if I just checked Craigslist I could come up with better. But it doesn’t even look like the car got into an accident or anything. Did someone just bust the right tail light and the driver thought it was the perfect opportunity to be unique and different with their Nissan Versa?


Now HERE’S a car you can get attached to:

A Chevrolet Corvair

Yay! Time to learn about a classic car!

The Chevrolet Corvair was in production from 1960-1969. Well model is 1960, production started in 1959. A lot of people, including Ralph Nader, dismissed it as one of the worst cars made at the time (1961 model) because of it’s tendency to spin out because of it’s rear engine. Talking about rear engines, the Corvair was the first mass produced American Car that had a rear-mounted air cooled flat 6 engine. Neat  huh? What happened to the car? Ralph Nader’s book killed it pretty much, his book Unsafe at Any Speed really turned off the consumer base who was eating up the car until then. Over 200,000 cars sold each yeah of the 6 model years but bad publicity kills everything. But this car is pretty neat. It got labeled as a “compact” car and that term became popular. A compact car is a car of a wheelbase of 110 inches or less. What’s funny was that this car was designed to rival the rising sales of the Volkswagen Beetle and it worked for a while but Volkswagen did SOMETHING right, at least back then. Hahaha.

The birth of the name is really interesting as well. The name Corvair was supposed to be used for the 1953 Corvette but they discarded the name and chose to go with “Corvette” instead. The Corvair was also supposed to use the 1953 Corvette as a basis but the design team ended up going in a completely different direction when it came time to unveil the new design. It looked nothing like what it was supposed to have been based on. Not only that both names stem from a WW2 influence. The Corvette was an attack boat while a “Corsair” (with an S) was a fighter plane used during the war. It is said that Ed Cole, the head designer of the Corvair, named it the “Corsair” but because of miscommunications and mispronunciations then name “Corvair” seemed to have stuck. It sounds pretty cool to me.

And here’s the WW2 Corvette War ship

And the WW2 Corsair Fighter Plane

It’s funny how car names come about isn’t it?

ww2 references
Wild and Ferocious Cats
Cute Animals
Mountainous Regions
And just plain absurd creations from someone’s demented and twisted imagination.

Hope you learned something! I sure did!

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