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Hong Kong Part 2

Before I forget.

The view from the Ferry Terminal. The view is of Downtown/Central Hong Kong. While at the History Museum it was interesting to learn that some of those buildings in the skyline haven’t changed since the formation of the city while others have undergone drastic renovations.

And here’s the view once you get out on the water. This picture does no justice to this magnificent view. You’ll just have to take my word for it and maybe have a look for yourself some day.

And the next day we took a little trip down to Nan Lian Gardens and boy howdy was it something special.

A rarity in Hong Kong, this Garden & Nunnery has been untouched by development and instead has been able to survive the test of time by thriving in such an urbanized area.

And in the background you can see all the apartments they’ve been building to house the growing population of Hong Kong.

Gorgeous Koi fish.

Mark & I. Boy was it a scorcher that day but the view was well worth the trip.

The Nunnery

The Nunnery. They had an actual ceremony going on when we were there. We thought there were speakers throughout the place but it turns out the chanting was 100% authentic. Once in a lifetime experience, I tell you what.

More pictures coming soon I promise!

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