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Hey you guys. Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately. A lot has been going on.

So here’s a list of things I missed blogging about:

-USA Men’s Basketball winning Gold at the Olympics

-What an awesome year this has been for Lebron James

Is that it? Maybe. I start school tomorrow which I’m not REALLY looking forward to. I have to park off-campus AND take a shuttle AND take all 6 of my classes in one day. But it could be worse.

But in other news, guess what I saw at Ben Franklin crafts the other day?

Just about made my day. I promise I will write more soon.


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Lebron James Trick Shot

Mark told me about this so I knew I had to share this with you guys. Look at Lebron’s crazy trick shot that he’s been doing at the Olympic games practice sessions. It’s pretty gnarly. Watching Kevin Durant try and do it too is pretty funny.

Good Luck Team USA! I know you guys will continue to kick some SERIOUS ass!

And for those of you who have already seen this clip, watch this other one that Mark showed me. Dennis Rodman vs Karl Malone WRESTLING circa 1998. Yeah that’s right, I said Wrestling.

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You know when you see those random news updates on Yahoo?

And you can’t help but click on them?

Well even before I clicked on it, when I read, “Phelps falls in first Olympic trials test”, all I could think of was…

He’s been eating WAY too many Subway sandwiches.

Original Link

Am I the only one who thought that? Someone else had to have too right?

And for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s this:

Man, Subway is gross. $5 Footlong? But what if my footlong never even cost $5? Lame.

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