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Words to describe my Thursday

Blue Lamborghini, Right Hand Column Steering Wheel Rolls Royce, Bulls vs Celtics, oh did I forget to mention watching a movie on Pedophilia?

But aren’t my two babies cute? Rolf had yet to wake up for the morning.

So yesterday I pretty much got everything done that I had to. Work, Gym, Fixed the car, Bank, Goodwill, pickup my Sugar Baby, get dinner, than movie time!

The new guy in the store is CRAZY. Gave me some crazy bullshit talk about how Onions are “BAD” for your vibrations. When I asked him where he got that information he just told me that some guy had told him. This guy is in his mid 30s. COME ON! I told him that you couldn’t just up and believe EVERYTHING people tell you…I was like,

“What if I told you buying Hello Kitty products cured cancer? Would you believe me?”

And he didn’t even get it… I told him to find me some REAL RESEARCH done by people with PHD’s and actual degrees and he was on his computer looking for that shit and about 5 minutes later he comes back to me and says that he’s found it! Information about Onions being bad for your chi. Guess where he found it? He was like,

“They have a facebook page!”

That is NOT real research. He said that the people on facebook combined different real sources into one page. I told him to go find me those sources and he couldn’t do it…he said he couldn’t find anything. Ugh. I thought I was going to die from both laughter and hysteria. For every bad thing you find about onions I can find two good things about it. Weirdo.

But you know what made everything better? This:

I’m sorry about the second shot. I had to take it from inside my car because I’m a freak. Haha. Ah~ the joys of going to the gym. Not only do I look and feel better, I get to see amazing pieces of art.

¬†And after the gym I got a new headlight cover! Yay! I don’t know how anyone could have taken it because it’s so much work JUST to get it in.

I’m sorry about my bumper…whenever I fix it someone ALWAYS fucks it up. I hate people sometimes…make me so miserable.

I’ll upload more later if I get home tonight. Oh and what do you guys think will happen with…

Antony + Amare + Lin + Smith?

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