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With every passing day…

there is yet another spectacularly awesome yet oddly strange playoff commercial brought to you straight from the minds of the interns at the NBA.

Which commercial am I talking about today?

This one:

I only wish they actually made him climb up and sit on one of those rafters. They could make a “The Making of” episode where they show him climbing off and falling into some circus nets they have 100 ft below.

A girl can dream can’t she?

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First Pierce, now Lebron

Paul Pierce fouled out like he did last series against the Hawk. And what’s weirder was it was Game #4 and Overtime as well. But Lebron just fouled out just now. That 5th foul they called on him was bullshit though. Garnett threw him to the ground and he didn’t even do anything. But another 3 of the players on the Celtics have 5 fouls so we’ll see what happens.

I can’t believe Haslem missed the winning shot though. But I understand, it wasn’t a clear shot, still tough though. AND NOW ANOTHER FOUL DURING POSSESSION?!

I am going to lose my mind!


NOOOOOOO!!!! Wade should have HAD that one! UGH. It hurts so bad…

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In case you missed it…

Rondo kicked Battier when he (Rondo) offensively charged into him and fell. Baby tantrum much? I guess that’s one way to get a technical…


And how could I forget, did you all see Serge Ibaka’s perfect game yesterday? Second highest perfect game playoff score since Boston’sĀ Scott Wedman in 1974. Some crazy stuff huh?

Miami’s managed to cut Boston’s lead down to 9 so we just need to up the defense and stop the Celtics from shooting. I believe in you guys! Let’s go Heat!

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Speaking of weird commercials

I just saw this ridiculous BIG HEAD NBA playoffs commercial during the Thunder vs Spurs game. All I could do was laugh.

It’s like NBA Jam turned into a commercial. Hahaha. I’ll post a better version once it makes itself onto the internet.


Let’s go Thunder!

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Heat vs Celtics Game 2 – OVERTIME

This game has been TENSE!

Celtics leading most of the first half and then Heat managing to switch up their pick and roll screens to box off Rondo and Wade has been blocking like a madman!

It’s down to the wire though!

Pierce fouled out, Technicals for both Chalmers and Garnett, Mario Chalmers bringing it for the Heat today and James trusting his team mates to bring their all to the line.

Rondo playing the whole game with 34 points. Let’s go HEAT!


Rondo brought his all with a total of 44 points which is the most points in a game for his career. He didn’t sit down at all and played like a champ. Those last two back to back 3’s were crazy! But I always knew that the Heat would be able to deliver when the time came, and boy did they!

Rondo’s complete stats are 44 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists, 3 steals

Lebron had 34 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 block shot and 1 steal

And an amazing block by Lebron against Pierce and then a lightening fast-break by Wade making the shot and getting foul making it a 3 point play.

And Wade denying Ray Allen’s steal and attack of the rim! DENIED!

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I am so disappointed in the Thunder…

and actually surprised that the Spurs have managed to keep their shit together throughout the playoffs this year.

I don’t really have anything against the Spurs, I actually like them a lot as a team but after losing a few bets on some bad playoff series that included the Spurs I’ve stopped putting too much faith in them. Guess I was wrong about that this year huh?

I just don’t know what is going on with the Thunder. They need to mix things up and step up their defensive game to match the level at which the Spurs are playing at this year.

The Spurs only had a better shooting percentage when it came to Field Goals but they were able to work together as a team to win Game 2 at home. 5 players scored in the double digits and Tony Parker had the most points today with 34.

Not really happy with that Ibaka/Jackson Technical shit that was going on.

I’m really happy that the Thunder were able to shorten the Spurs 22 point lead but it wasn’t enough. Maybe with Perkins on the floor things might have been different?

I really hope the Thunder bring their A game from here on out. I know they’ve been working hard but coach needs to change things up if he wants to see a change in his team.

I believe in you Thunder! Don’t let me down!

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I’m back home baby!

I’m back home from Hong Kong and Macau just in time to catch Game 1 against the Thunder and the Spurs.

Boy is this going to be a good series!~

I will update with pictures of my vacation soon!

More posts coming soon I promise!

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