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Korean BBQ Before and After


Mark wasn’t sure what he wanted for dinner last night so we went to Korean BBQ two Thursdays in a row!

Not that I’m complaining or anything.

I LOVE Korean BBQ. I think I could eat it for every meal, every day of the week if I had the option to.

It’s the only time I get to eat raw meat. Or practically raw meat. I’m like old white men who like their steaks BLUE!

One time when I asked for my steak “blue” the waiter thought I was asking for bleu cheese.

Made me laugh but worry about my steak at the same time. But luckily they had gotten it correct and it was JUST the way I like it.

Mmm…raw beef tongue! So good! Don’t diss it till you’ve tried it.

And I started working out again yesterday since I’ve been such a slob lately and I feel much better!

I wish I had my partner in crime to exercise with…but alas Los Angeles is not within driving distance of Hawaii. Although Google Maps has directions for you to do so. It just tells you to go to the pier (with your car) and then to proceed onto a boat which will take you across the ocean to California. If only things were so simple.

I’m also going to do some book & movie reviews so you guys can look forward to that too.

I want to make Hong Kong egg tarts next but I just have to order the tart molds on Amazon so I’m going to do that now before I do anything else. Wasn’t sure if I should get the tart mold that looks like a cupcake tray or the individual tart mold containers because the latter option is just so much more expensive…


So many baking tools that I want but I don’t know where to start!

And everyone really liked my cookies so that made me pretty happy too.

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Bellows Air Force Beach Park

We took a little trip to Bellows Air Force Beach Park today and boy was it gorgeous!

It’s a private military beach near Kaneohe in Oahu. The sun was shining, the winds blew a cool breeze.

I actually had a lot of fun. My friend Olivo is visiting from Taiwan so she took most of these beautiful shots of us.



Reading for class~ I feel like being at the beach is one of the only times where I get any good amount of reading done.



Me and Olivo on the beach~


Happy Sunday everyone!

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What am I doing home on a Saturday night?

Reading. Or wouldn’t it be cute if that was actually it? Instead of it just being me sitting in front of my computer like a mindless drone not really sure what it is that she is searching for? I mean I WAS reading today and I will probably do it later on but for right now I’m putting off writing an essay. It’s not hard but I work better in the day but I always have work in the mornings so I’ll continue writing when I can invoke the muses. But in the meantime I found this HUGE list of 1001 books I should read before I die and since I am English Major I thought I’d go through it and see how well I’m doing. It’s a long list so stick with me or just ignore this blog entry. My feelings won’t be hurt either way, I promise. Here we go (Bold means I’ve read it!):

Running total:  93 (So that I’ve read approximately 9% of the books listed…I don’t know if I should be happy or very sad. Haha. Oh well. More reading for me!)

  • Total from 2000s= 2 (And of course they are BOTH Ian McEwan books, I’ve probably read all his books to be honest).
  • Total from 1900s = 42
  • Total from 1800s = 36
  • Total from 1700s = 9
  • Total from pre1700s = 4 Continue reading
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