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Birthday Gifts for my Mother


It was my Mother’s birthday on Thursday but since I couldn’t spend it with her I sent her some awesome gifts to make up for it!

Although she keeps telling me NOT to spend money on her but she’s my mother. I can’t help it!


First I sent her some Chippers which are Chocolate Covered Potato Chips that they only make in Fargo, ND. She ended up sharing these with the family and the kids really liked them! And we also bought some for us to eat at home and for Mark to take to the office. Apparently they were gone in a heartbeat.


Also sent her a box of Lindt chocolate that I got at the Mall of America. My mother and I LOVE Lindt chocolate so I thought it would only be right.

In all honesty, we don’t eat too much chocolate but if it’s either Lindt or See’s we’ll usually indulge ourselves. My mother and I both love chocolate with either rum and/or nuts in it. It’s just the pirate inside of us!


I also got her a Lombard Street San Francisco magnet since my mother collects location specific magnets. I tried to find the exact magnet online but had no luck but this picture speaks for itself. Most crooked street in the world. Isn’t it just gorgeous??

51h+8+0q4kL._SL500_AA300_Also got her some tea from Teavana since they were having a sale. I picked the Peach Momotaro blooming tea!

It smelled really good and my mother loves all different kinds of tea so I thought she would enjoy it.

And who doesn’t love a little bargain right?

And last but not least Mark and I got her a red Michael Kors tote bag. I thought it was cute and just my mother’s style so I knew I had to get it for her!


Happy Birthday Mother! Love you!

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Goodies from Taiwan!


My friend Olivo has come to visit from Taiwan!

I’m so excited to go out and have fun together!

She brought me SO MUCH STUFF! It’s just CRAZY!!!

On top is Tea and more tea and baguette crackers~ Tea from Taiwan is so good!


Potato chips drizzled with chocolate, shrimp crackers, caramel corn


Chocolate crackers, Egg Sachima, different senbei like snacks! made with black bean, peach, green tea…SO DELICIOUS!


An overall shot of everything.


More shrimp crackers, a bag full of hard candy, Kiki Lala notepaper, bath bombs!


Banana Chocolate Pocky and lots of amazing makeup and creams!

I love Asian makeup! I can’t spend money on makeup because I feel like it is such a waste so whenever someone gets me some I am so excited!

After I picked her up and she got a chance to unpack and rest a little bit we went out for a walk around the neighborhood so she could get her bearings.


I had to stop by Kakaako Kool and get some shaved ice with condensed milk!

Always so delicious.

She had a credit card minimum so I just told the lady to charge me the minimum and that I didn’t need to pick out anything else but she was so nice that she came outside and gave me a bag of white chocolate dipped macadamia nuts that they package there!


After that we went out to dinner. We tried to go to Genius Lounge but it was PACKED! I know it was Friday night but damn! So we walked around for a bit and decided to go to our default place, Fatty’s. I love it there but I was just worried about feeding my Taiwanese friend Chinese food for her first meal here but she liked it there too so it worked out okay.

2013-01-11_19-51-21_745 (1)

I had the spicy beef noodle like always. Yum!


Then we went to Yogurtland for some dessert! Yay for cute Sanrio cups! The pink one says ‘Honolulu’ and the blue one on the right says ‘San Francisco’ on it. I kept some of the spoons they gave out too. But I threw the cups away…I’m not THAT crazy. Lolz.


And I put together everything into a little bowl today so we can all share! Yay!

Now it’s time for some football! Let’s go Broncos!

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San Francisco Layover – 8 hours


Since Delta has been fucking with all of our flights lately we got an 8 hour layover in San Francisco since they decided to change our itinerary out of the blue.

I swear everyone on that flight from Fargo to Salt Lake City was headed to Honolulu. I didn’t see any of THEM on our 8 hour layover!

UGH. But we made the most out of it by going out on the town since we had plenty of time.

Mark hadn’t been to San Fran before so I decided to take him to Pier 39 so we could see Alcatraz and the seals and what not.

I ended up totally missing the seals though. But it doesn’t matter. We’ll see them next time. No Biggie.


2013-01-04_11-58-47_940At least we got to see Alcatraz. Sorry for the fuzzy picture.

I didn’t want to be TOO Asian. Hahaha.

After that we took a little stroll to look for a place to eat and we found the best place!

It’s this place called “King of Thai Noodle” and my Duck Soup with Vermicelli was SO SAVORY AND FILLING!

I couldn’t stop drinking the broth and the duck was so tender and moist!

I’m getting hungry just thinking about this place…


And of course I couldn’t leave San Francisco without going to Blue Bottle Coffee!

Whenever I’m in San Francisco I have to have at least 1 macchiato from this place!

And the barista who made me one at The Station was just amazing! And of course I had to pick up a bag of coffee as well.

I don’t have a coffee brewer but I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!

All in all we had a fun time on the streets of San Fran!

The weather was refreshingly cool and the scenery was majestic just like always!

I can’t wait to go back! Thanks for the layover Delta!

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