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Miami Heat vs Minnesota Timberwolves

Some highlights from the game.

I was surprised that the T-wolves were doing so well for quite a bit of the first half of the game. Especially without Ricky Rubio, who had an amazing first game back against the Mavs. They were apparently resting him so he would be back to normal sooner rather than later. According to Mark, they’ve been limiting his playing time to around 18 minutes per game in order to make sure that he gets the rest that he needs. So he played against Orlando but was inactive when the T-wolves were playing against the Heat. But Kevin Love is back. Although a few other members of the T-wolves are still out with injuries.

jj barea

And what’s with that bandage on JJ Barea’s forehead? Reminded me of the old Steve Nash look.

Steve-Nash-One-Eye1Don’t you think?

And did you guys see that shot that Mario Chalmers made at the end of the first half during the Heat vs Timberwolves game? Beautiful!

I must say though, even if I am a Miami Heat fan, that they did make some BS calls against Minnesota during the game. Didn’t want to admit it to Mark or my father-in-law but there were a few times when fouls weren’t called or weren’t called correctly. It is what it is though. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Although, I don’t appreciate bad ref calls when it comes down to the playoffs, because then I get really pissed. We’ll see what happens with that though. For the most part refs have been getting better, or that’s what I think anyways.

Another funny thing was that the TV announcers started to talk about how basketball had become something resembling something like that of parents who want to take away jungle gyms after their kids get hurt. Uh…sure? I think he went a little off the mark with that comment and I’m not really sure where he was getting at but I still thought it was pretty funny.

And Battier was on top of his 3’s! It was so majestic when he would make each shot!

Although I must say, Ray Allen is getting old…he can’t hit those 3’s like he used to. Yeah he made one but it took him a couple tries. But, after all that I’m glad to see him play. I kind of wish they would give Mike Miller more minutes. I believe he still has potential.

And we’re going to a Timberwolves game next week so I’ll have updates on that as well!

And I can’t just leave you guys with nothing so here it is:

A commercial with Shaq and Nick Cannon…training. I thought it was entertaining. Lolz. Enjoy.

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Weirdest commercial (as of late)

This post has nothing to do with the NBA or my trip to Hong Kong, sorry guys.

For those of us who have been watching TV have seen the racy Fiat 500/Abarth commercials where there’s some drop dead gorgeous Italian lady who’s advertising the Fiat. Now take that and multiply it by x100 and add Charlie Sheen and what do you get?

Charlie Sheen winning and blowing seven-gram rocks off hot models in his Fiat 500 Abarth while under House Arrest…

now if they only showed you what REALLY happened when he drove that around in his house. Let’s just say that Sunset Blvd is missing some “night walkers” indefinitely.


Oh and while I’m talking about ridiculous celebrity commercials, did you see the one Shaq is in?

Yup, you heard it! Shaq just said that his Buick LaCrosse was the only car that was roomy enough for him. Uh…do you see his knees touching the steering wheel?

Who thought this would be a good marketing idea…really.

Shaq looks like he’s in a clown car for christ’s sake.

And yay for the Thunder pulling through today!

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NBA MADNESS! Who to watch?! All Star Snubs? Up and Coming Stars? Teams with Injured Players?

But before I do anything else. Congrats Shaq! They’re finally retiring your jersey! We miss you in LA and I wish you could’ve played out the remainder of your NBA years here with us. The Lakers aren’t the same without you! It is refreshing seeing you on ESPN though, asking the questions that you do. Haha. Thanks for calling Kevin Love out, yes he is not #1. Rather than use a regular picture of Shaq who can forget his role in KAZAAM! Those of you who missed it, man, back in the day NBA players were in movies all the time! Hahaha. Great times…just priceless.

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