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Ebay, The poor man’s Amazon

So I was looking around Ebay for some more Lebron shirts when I came upon these black Nike Lebron Soldiers. Anyone who knows me knows I do not care two shits about shoes. I literally own 3 pairs of shoes right now. My cowboy boots, my high top converse and my Nikes that I bought to wear at the gym (I also got that on ebay for like $35, they were brand new and JUST my style and size!)

But I won these bad boys in my size for a whole $25. They’re brand new and usually $120. Not bad right?

Ebay is a dangerous place…

I decided to get the CD I wanted too if I was going to buy shoes. Again, anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER spend money on CDs or DVDs. Most times I just think they’re wastes of money. And no, I don’t do that illegal download stuff either. If you ask anyone they will tell you that the few times I do buy a CD or a DVD I will listen/watch it a MILLION times. Quite literally.

Everyone has their own hobbies and addictions and I understand that. I’m not judging any of you, shoes and CDs just weren’t my thing growing up and it’s as simple as that.

Since I’ve started writing this blog entry I have already been back on eBay to look for more stuff that I want but don’t necessarily need…Curse you eBay!

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