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Here comes Honey Boo Boo

So we’ve all seen that Toddlers and Tiara episode or clip where this little girl says, “A dollar makes me holla honey boo boo!” and for those of you who don’t go on YouTube or haven’t gotten addicted to Toddlers and Tiaras yet here is the clip from the original episode.

Yes I do watch the show and Yes I am addicted. How could you not be when you get little girls like this every now and then. They just MAKE TV!

And for those of you who already know they’ve made a TV show spin off off of a different contestant named Eden and the show was called ‘Eden’s World’ but it didn’t do too well and it was on Yahoo’s list of failed Spin offs which also included The Pauly D Project and RuPaul’s Drag U but we’ll talk about that another time.

The reason why I’m writing this blog is because they just aired a commercial for yet ANOTHER spin off but this is one I actually can’t wait to watch. Want to know what it’s called? ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ and I am TOTALLY serious.

If you don’t believe me, watch this commercial:

Where do people come up with these ideas?

In other news…apparently when it rains in Hawaii all the ants go inside so even though I live on the 14th floor of an apartment I still get mini Hawaiian ants. UGH. And what’s even worse is that not only do I keep the house IMMACULATE with NO FOOD LYING AROUND but they’ve still managed to make their home INSIDE MY COMPUTER. NO JOKE. Like literally INSIDE MY COMPUTER. They come in and out of the air vents and it’s driving me nuts. I took my computer apart and shook as many as I could out. Wiped it down a million times. Used ant spray and Clorox bleach spray but even then every other second one will come crawling out of some crevice of my computer. And in the process of cleaning my computer I think I may b=have broken it. Yeah I can still go online but now it says I have no audio output and it says that I can’t go on Google or Facebook because it’s not “safe” for me to do so. OMG. I JUST WANT TO WRITE BLOGS ABOUT STUFF! Anger rising……..

Damn ants. I’ve had it up to HERE with you!

I called the exterminator so he should be here tomorrow morning. I can’t wait! Now if only I could get my computer back in working order. UGH. Whatever.

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