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CP3? Nah~ It’s more like CP0 for 2

I’m studying for my finals tomorrow but I got a little restless so I thought I’d see what’s happening with the Clippers – Pistons game and the Clippers are EATING DIRT!

Not only is Blake Griffin diving head first into the crowd messing shit up the whole team is playing below par.

Rude. Hahahaha.

End of the 3rd Quarter stats

FGM-A = 42.1%
3PM-A = 10.0%
FTM-A = 72.7%

They’ve only made 1 out of 10 3 point attempts AND it was made by Mo Williams! Oh yeah! Mo’s still got it! (By the way, I can’t diss Mo because I’ve watched him for years playing next to Lebron…he doesn’t deserve to be on the bench!)

I think Young needs some more practice with his team before he can be of any real help to them. He’s made 1 out of 6 shots, 1 out of 7 if you count the 3 pointer he missed. Then again…he’s made just as many points as all the starters have while playing half the time so maybe not. At least SOMEONE can make all their free throws… *ahem* Not like I really care though.

The more the clippers lose the better!

And the Hawks beat the Cavs today.

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What went wrong with the Bobcats?

So what the hell has been going on with the Bobcats? They’ve won 1 pregame against the Hawks, 1 game against the Bucks, 1 game against the Knicks and 1 game against the Golden State Warriors. But that’s it! That can’t be normal. 3-25?! With a PCT of 0.107 they are the worst team in the League. Not even the Hornets lose 15 games in a row. What went wrong? Maybe if we dissect the games we’ll be able to better understand what’s been going on.

So the first pregame against the Hawks the Bobcats ended up winning by 2 points. They must have been doing SOMETHING right. Kemba Walker was the highest scorer that night with 18 points. And with Derrick Brown having a total of 10 assists it was pretty amazing. It seems like Walker is their highest scorer on average but his highest scoring game this season was their win against the GSW but that was still only 23 points.

Why aren’t they playing Corey Maggette more? And he needs to stop getting hurt. He puts up decent points the majority of games that he DOES play. It’s like his best years were wasted on the Clippers…He used to have an average of 22.2 PPG where now it’s down to 12.3. Lost the will to play? Not a good supporting team? Getting old?

They just need that extra little effort. A lot of games this season they’ve come within just a couple of points of winning or even tying but something just doesn’t click.

Maybe Boris Diaw can keep up the good number of rebounds while scoring a few extra points per game? With such a hodgepodge team I don’t know what I’d do differently either…Everyone has a relatively slow stat profile.

They won their first game of the season against the Bucks by 1 point. What did they do? Did it have to do with the trade of Stephen Jackson for Corey Maggette? A lot of players really stepped up that game. 5 players scored double digits, Diaw made 11 rebounds, Augustin and Diaw made 8 and 9 assists. Even with Brandon Jennings scoring 22 points they were able to score a win. But do the Bobcats have a star player that every good team needs? If so, who is it? What happened to DJ Augustin? Maybe now that’s he’s ready to start playing again for the Bobcats since his toe injury in January the Twolves will have something to worry about. I doubt the Bobcats will come anywhere close the Playoffs but hopefully he will be able to boost the team to at least a half decent level. I’m sure all Bobcat fans will be happy to see him back on the court.

What exactly is the winning formula? Every winning game they’ve had it just seems like Diaw and Walker are carrying the whole team with the help of Augustin and Henderson. (And occasionally Mullens). But as of late it seems like no one is trying. To lose by 44 points to the Trailblazers is nothing but sad. The Bobcats need a fresh new face and a new team. What’s the point of having an NBA team that just sucks the life out of everything. Maybe they can learn to play to each others strengths…or something…anything! Cmon Coach Silas! DO SOMETHING! Your team is drowning faster than a guy in concrete shoes. Ugh. I would’ve kept Larry Brown and Gerald Wallace…

It’s just sad to see a team suck so bad. Oh well.

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