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The Line Game

So I had to play the Line Game today. Because I’m taking my car with me I had to go to the DMV so my mother could sign over the car to me. Mark told me that I didn’t need an appointment so I didn’t make one. I failed to realize that he got to sign over the title without a wait because he was in the middle of nowhere but that I wouldn’t be so lucky because I live in LA. Oh Well. My mother kept saying that I should’ve listened to her. Sorry mother.

So…we went to one DMV and waited in line, only for them to tell us that we have to drive to a whole different DMV to sign over the title of our car. When we get there my mother has to wait in a line JUST to find parking. So I went out, stood in another line so they could give me a number so I could wait even more. We went to a pretty nice DMV. I got #B186 and when I got there they were on #B145. Lame. Hahaha. Oh Well. Like I was saying, the DMV was pretty new and airy so it was a pleasant wait, until the kids started showing up and crying. I just wanted to yell at the parents while pulling my hair out and kicking their kids at the same time! AH!

I hate kids. I hate kids that cry. I hate kids that cry because other kids are crying. I hate everyone.

But we got the title signed over and it should come in the mail in 3 weeks. Yay! Only cost $15! Lolz.

After that I went to the post office because I just LOVE waiting in lines. The line ended up moving out pretty quickly, I got pretty lucky with that one. It was like I was at Disneyland all morning! Well actually…I know how to avoid lines at Disneyland and I NEVER wait for any ride, but you know what I mean.

You know what’s really scary though? Parents reporting their children’s cars stolen even after they bought it for them. WHO DOES THAT? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DOES THAT? Jesus Christ!

Now it’s time to finish watching The Bachelor!

I KNOW WHO WINS! Well…everyone does. I hate hometown date episodes, they’re so boring. *Yawn*

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I swear I’m still alive!

I’m REALLY SORRY I’ve been MIA. I’ve been writing papers for school or reading or watching the Bachelor. SO BUSY! You know there have been a lot of people writing about Courtney Robertson and warning Ben Flajnik about her and I had an epiphany in class today while we were reading¬†Antony and Cleopatra. Stay with me now…

Mark Antony = Ben Flajnik

Cleopatra = Courtney Robertson

Enobarbus = Chris Harrison
(I almost typed Chris Hanson, like we’re watching “To¬†Catch A Predator”, although this show comes close enough sometimes…)

Antony has to keep questioning Cleopatra’s love for him when in reality she’s just an actress. Sure Enobarbus tells Antony that she has real feelings for him but she’s always putting on an act and no one is ever sure of what her TRUE motives are. Hmmm. I thought it was relevant anyways.

Some kid compared the description of Cleopatra to Cher, which I think is TOTALLY inaccurate. Cher is just scary as fuck. Gabriele described Cher as “preserved”. Hahaha. Everyone in the class had a good laugh. Well just in case anyone is wondering what the passage is here it is:

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
Her infinite variety: other women cloy
The appetites they feed, but she makes hungry
Where most she satisfies. For vilest things
Become themselves in her, that the holy priests
Bless her when she is riggish.

-Antony and Cleopatra by Shakespeare
Act 2.2 L236-241

I think that’s a more than accurate description of how Ben see’s Courtney. Don’t you think?

Anyways, NBA TIME!

Lakers won against the Hawks yesterday. Wish I could’ve gone but I guess my education is more important. Lin is still on a role. But it was a close call yesterday, even with Amare playing it could’ve been game over for the Knicks because of Calderon and DeRozan. The Raptors had it down until the 4th quarter hit. I seriously thought I made the wrong call dismissing the Raptors but Lin brought it with 27 points and Amare made 21 points. Lin also had 11 assists. Warrior fans must be kicking themselves. Ah~ SUCKS TO BE YOU! That’s what happens when you ignore Asian talent! Hahaha I’m just kidding.

So yeah, 13 games tonight. A lot of really close games, except for the Kings vs Knicks which is just pretty sad. And the Bobcats are doing better than the Twolves? What? I knew my blog entry would motivate you guys! Beat those midwest good for nothings! (*Just for you Mark*) Hahaha.

And a big question to those of you who read this (and follow the NBA):
What are your thoughts on J.R. Smith? Is he just teasin’ all the teams?
It seems like EVERYONE wants a piece of him. I’ve heard rumors that the Lakers, Magic, Clippers and even the Twolves want him. Mark told me the Twolves have the most money to offer him but does anyone REALLY want to play for the Timberwolves? *shrug* I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe if Kobe doesn’t scare him away the Lakers could get JR Smith. Did you really have to be mean to Dwight Howard? Who calls DH the “Tyson Chandler” of the Lakers? That man is unbelievable sometimes…

And the Rockets are leading against the Thunder? The rain in California must be throwing everyone off their game. Hahaha. YOU NEVER KNOW!

I really do hate the rain though. It just makes me so depressed and all I want to do is sit in front of my heater and watch Law and Order: SVU. Hahaha. Or curl up with a good book. Either or.

I’ll write another entry on cars…OH BUT, what do I always say? Can’t have a blog entry where you don’t learn something new so here it goes.

So whenever we hear the word “Cleopatra” we always think of this:


Someone who looks like Angelina Jolie.

BUT in reality she WAS NOT at all pretty or statuesque as everyone claims her to be. She also had several brothers and sisters and she was NOT the only daughter named “Cleopatra”. Back in the old days they didn’t wait generations to use the same name. So one of Cleopatra’s older sisters was Cleopatra the 5th and the one we all know and love today is the 6th. It gets even weirder. Her family, who were descendants of Alexander the Great, inbred to keep power in the family. Meaning, the brothers would marry the sisters and so on but researchers believed there HAD to have been extra marital affairs because otherwise the offspring of related siblings would have eventually become sterile. Most kids are also born with defects and deformities as well. Gross right? So before all of her great lovers she was married to her younger brother. Yuck. If you want to know the full story you can always look it up.

Even though her family had been rulers of Egypt for quite a while Cleopatra was the first in her family to actually LEARN Egyptian. (She also knew 9 other languages). Pretty smart eh?

Don’t want to bore anyone too much. Hope you learned something!

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