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You know we’re all just joshin you Lebron

Trust me, we know that your situation is not the same as Dwight Howard’s, Carmelo Antony’s, Chris Paul’s or Peyton Manning’s. You’ve just become a cultural icon and people link leaving a team to you although what these players are doing is not directly related or similar to what you had to do when you decided to leave Cleveland. It’s become the new cultural euphemism that people link with sports and the movement of players. For people who seriously think that all of these scenarios are EXACTLY the same, they are very misinformed and oblivious to what is ACTUALLY happening in the sports world.

We know that you neither forced a trade while you were under your contract like Antony or Paul and that you also did not threaten to leave your team during the active season like Howard has done.

People become blind to the true meanings behind actions and instead stereotype seemingly similar actions in order to have a chance at relating to other people and the ideas that they are discussing. It has nothing to do with you as a player or as an individual. Haters are always going to hate. And for those of you who read my blog know that I made that “To pull a Lebron” definition up just to have fun. I mean he’s my #1 favorite player in the NBA. Haha.

He gave Cleveland 7 years of his NBA life and career. It is not his fault that the team did not build a team around him for that long. He carried the whole team to the finals. When I talk to Lebron haters they say that he gave up during the finals but how could you say that about someone? Giving up AT the NBA FINALS? After they’ve worked years to get there? That’s a bunch of bullshit.

He was an unrestricted free agent. He had no obligation to fulfill to the Cavaliers. We can’t all be like Steve Nash and stay with the same team for life.

It’s just like what Dwyane Wade said, “Think what you want to think, Loyalty means damned if you do, damned if you don’t — new definition of loyalty in the world. There’s going to be good things said about you, there’s going to be bad things said about you, no matter what you do.”

Lebron commented on the situation by saying, “”I understand that every time someone has an opportunity to leave or go, my name will come up. It’s been guys that have stayed and guys that have left before me, and there will be guys that stay with their team and leave their team after me”.

And that’s so true. Aw. Everyone just secretly likes Lebron, that’s why we just have to keep talking about him. Who could hate this?

(Photo taken from another blog I was reading).

Lebron, Wade, Bosh. They all still look the same!


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My obsession with LeBron James

I probably own more Lebron related sports wear than any other person. Coming from a life long Lakers fan that has to be weird right?

2 Cavaliers Playoff T-shirts
(1 of which I’ve cut up and made into a dress)

2 All Star Jerseys

2 All Star Tshirts

I asked my manager to pick up a Lebron jersey for me while he was in Miami but he said they were all sold out. Sadness.

I just bought:


How could I resist? And they were both so cheap! AHH!

You should see some of the looks people give me. First, they check me out. And then after they’ve raped me with their eyes they begin to shake their heads in disapproval over my jersey. Jerks.

I will miss you LA. You and all your weirdos.

But like I say every blog entry, it would be a waste of an entry if someone couldn’t take away at least something from reading this so here it goes:

The Definition of “To Pull a LeBron” by Ayumi 

“To pull a Lebron” can be defined in one of three ways.

1. The act of a Star Player or Talent asking to be traded to a more capable team or group that already possess the necessary skills and team players needed in order to achieve the highest amount of success within that field. 

2. The act of a Star Player or Talent actively looking on one’s own, despite the wishes of management,  for a team that can offer him the best possibility of success because the current managers and owners have failed in the past and still continue to fail to build a dream team around their star player. It is very similar to the first definition but it differs in that the management has no say in the actions of the star player, this is usually because at this point in time the talent has become what is known as a free agent.

3. It can also be defined as the incessant nagging and hopscotching around the benefit of the team in order to focus more on one’s self and one’s own life goals. This is partly due to young age and the want for instant gratification. 

Example: Dwight Howard needs to stop pulling a LeBron and just win one by himself.

I STILL LOVE YOU LEBRON! ❤ Hahaha. Ah~ All meant in good fun you guys.

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