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Lakers Girls > Clippers Spirits

I was talking to Alex about this yesterday and you know what? It’s true. The Lakers girls are SO much hotter AND prettier than the Clipper Spirits.

My opinion doesn’t matter because I’m a girl? Well let me tell you something…Whenever I go to a Lakers game and the Laker girls come on I can’t help but stare. People I go to games with have noticed. You can ask them. What, some of them are hot. I’m not going to lie. But whenever I’m at a Clippers game I feel like I’m at Amateur night at Hooters. Just pass me the chicken wings and get out of my face. Even when they’re out before the game and taking pictures with everyone I’m just so surprised at how much uglier they are in person. Come on, we live in LA…there are SO many hot girls willing to fuck whoever it takes to get this job or ANY job for that matter and you pick THESE girls? COME ON! It’s not like we’re at the Orlando Disneyland THIS IS LA WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!

It’s like someone took all the beauty school drop outs and thought it would be a good idea to just put them all together so they can dance for people. This isn’t a strip club! I could find more fit and attractive dancers in the shadiest of night clubs in LA. Seriously, I swear I’ve seen some of these broads on RuPaul’s Drag race! Hell I think Raven would make a better Clippers cheerleader than half of these girls… I do NOT want girls who look like men to be dancing during timeouts or half times. Hell naw. It’s different if you’re a guy and you just want to get some. Fine, put a paper bag over their head. THAT’S a different story. I’m talking about girls who are supposed to motivate the sports fans into buying merchandise, coming to games and coming early to see them and subsequently spending more money. If THIS is what I have to look forward to by coming early…shit I might as well stay at home.

The outfits they wear are not at all flattering either.

Let’s ALL do the uni-boob and gut stomach look! YEAH! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

Or the EVER fashionable One Sleeve show as little as possible and still look pug ugly outfits! Yay!

The infamous ghetto look.

Or everyone’s favorite view from behind…

I mean hell! Even Paula Abdul was a Lakers girl!

Lakers Girls keeping it hot since before the 80s. That’s right!

 Yes this is what I think about when I’m at home sick. Hot Lakers girls…Hahahaha.

So let’s just keep it at this:

And this:

And not this: 

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