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Goodwill Lakers Shirt DIY x 2

So awhile ago we went to Goodwill and I ended up getting 3 shirts. One Obey shirt to send to my sugar baby, one Lakers shirt and one Call of Duty Elite shirt. For those of you who know me KNOW that I wouldn’t pass up a chance to get anything Lakers or Call of Duty related. Seriously.

So what’s different about this DIY is that I took the purple Lakers shirt and I revamped it and after I had put it together I had realized that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I took it apart and made something completely different and I’m very happy with the results.

But before I go any further here is the picture of the shirt that I used:

It was a Men’s XL so it was a lot of material to work with which helped in the DIY experimentation.

I’ve always just cut and sewed using my common sense reasoning skills as well as my fashion school experience but this time I decided to give those Youtube tutorials a go to see what I could come up with.

I tried out the rope tie halter idea as well as cutting up the sides and tying them together. I’m pretty sure I’ve been tying together sides for a while now so that wasn’t from the videos…or was it?

Anyways here is the video I took the tips from:

But I ended up being pretty disappointed because it didn’t sit quite right on my body.

I don’t know. Maybe it will work for you.

So I let it hang in my closet for a while till I felt inspired again to take it out and see if I can do something different with it.

And I’m happy to be able to say that I finally finished what I started today!

I ended up getting rid of the straps all together and instead turning it into a tube top dress with a heart neckline. I also put some darts in the bust line so it would better shape to my body which helped a lot since this men’s shirt was never meant to be form fitting. For the gold lining on top I ended up carefully stripping it off of another Goodwill dress that I had bought even earlier and sewing it on top of this one since it seemed to go so well seeing as how it WAS a Lakers color.

For the back I ended up using the back side of the second Call of Duty shirt that I had also gotten at Goodwill. I thought the Black would go well with the Purple and Yellow. It helps the dress look less like a Circus act and more like a fashion forward fan. All my sewing is done by hand because I enjoy taking the time to really make something come to life.

Now…what to make next. That ALWAYS seems to be the question…

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Yup, it’s that time of the month AGAIN…PAYCHECK TIME!

And I paid off bills and what not but who can’t help but splurge on a little somethin’ somethin’ for themselves. So guess what I got?!

2 Crossword Lottery Games
(I haven’t bought one in SO LONG!)

I used to buy them all the time but I stopped hanging out with my gambling buddy so I guess I just stopped buying them. It’s just not the same when you’re buying them by yourself, you know?

Some ink for my lovely printer. I’m pretty sure both the mailman and my professors are getting tired of light grey ink on EVERYTHING. I’m just worried that the time for turning in final essays will come around and my printer will be completely¬†out of ink. I made the mistake of printing my LSAT class material from my home computer. I went through 2 ink cartridges learning how to solve analytical games and such. It was sure as hell worth it though. I’m ready for my LSAT YEAH!

Some more purple shampoo for my pretty blonde hair! I was using Loreal but I get more for my money on this one so I’ll try it out. I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH HAIR! AHHH! I love being blonde though. Blonde do have more fun, what do you know?

And I wouldn’t be complete without my fake eyelashes!

What do all these things add up to?

A blonde Asian with fake lashes, gambling problems and awesome readable essays for easy scoring. OH YEAH~ *ahem*


Guess what picture I found? One of me from 2 years ago, sporting my Laker gear and nails. Hahaha, boy was I hardcore. This is pretty much what you get.

Speaking of which, GO WEST! (*Although my favorite players on the East*) It’s okay.

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