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Jeremy Lin x Hello Kitty

Jeremy Lin escaping paparazzi in a Hello Kitty head.

Shot (kinda) to promote the 60 minutes segment they are going to air on Lin.

Do people still care about Jeremy Lin?

Sorry I got bored and didn’t even bother to watch the whole video. What I will say is that when Mark and I went to Hong Kong the kids who play pick up ball weren’t very aggressive. But what IS interesting is that in Macau we saw some pretty old dudes showing the young kids how to REALLY play. Well some of them. The others were just fat old dudes without shirts (which I could have done without).

What was the point of this post? Who knows.

I’m sorry about the lack of NBA updates you guys. I think Dwight Howard killed the game for me. Bleh.

I like how they picked David Lee (of all people) to be in the video. Weird.

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That’s racist as hell!

I thought I was too tired to write a blog entry today but then I saw this and it’s one thing to nickname Kobe the “Black Mamba” but it’s a WHOLE nother thing if you nickname Jeremy Lin as the “Yellow Mamba”…Really people? Is that okay?

Linsanity. Fine.

Linwhatever. Fine.


UGH. I’m okay with Fortune Cookies in my ice cream but this is a little weird…I mean what would Pau Gasol be? The Pale Mamba? Spanish Mamba? Like…what?

I was looking up Black Mamba shirts on ebay to see if there were any cute shirts for my cousin when I came across this. And so I just decided to look up Jeremy Lin shirts on ebay and I got back the WEIRDEST THINGS EVER!

Uh…yeah no.

I don’t even want to look any more.

Knicks finally won a game today. BUT Jeremy Lin had 7 TURNOVERS! SEVEN…Really? Really? But do you know who killed it today? Fuckin Tyson Chandler! 17 rebounds! Holy Shit! The Knicks really do need to work on their free throws though…J.R. Smith is adjusting pretty well save the excessive amounts of personal fouls but that’s nothing new…

Highlights from tonight’s game:


I was eating Pho tonight watching the game between Ohio State and Syracuse and I was so sad that they lost! UGH! But the Pho made it all better…hahaha

Syracuse was missing those free throws too…but not as many as Ohio State…they made about 31 out of 42 of their free throws….AND STILL THEY WON? Fail.

It sucks because Syracuse had a better shooting percentage overall tonight. Not enough rebounds and too many personal fouls.  A lot of bad calls too. UGH.

Dion Waiters FAIL.

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What’s faster than the speed of light?

The way companies can produce goods to sell the next hottest thing virtually overnight. Who else could I be talking about besides Jeremy Lin?

How is adding fortune cookies to an Ice Cream racist? Isn’t it just about as racist as adding Tapatio to Doritos? I mean Fortune Cookies were first created in America, more specifically in the San Francisco Chinatown, which is the area where Lin is from anyways. How else would we make it “Lin-sanity”? By making it more New York? More Nor Cal? More Winning? Maybe we can just add some creamy points, chewy assists and although it’s not the most popular, a hint of sour turnover as well. Would that make it more Lin-credible? People who think this is racist need to stop complaining. This kid has BEN AND FUCKIN JERRYS cashing in on how popular he’s become. I’d love a “Yu and Mi baby” Ice Cream flavor! Although I’m sure it’d be disgusting…it’d probably consist of Coke, Sriracha, Advil and Popcorn. Gross. Or Maybe… I think taking fortune cookies out because they were getting soggy is a pretty legit reason for changing it up. If Lin can market himself by using his background and culture, he should run with it. There is nothing to get offended over. As long as he knows that he is past these petty differences of ethnicity and race it shouldn’t matter to him. Once someone is able to laugh at themselves and with others, you know that they are able to do it because they are secure with who they are. Was I the only Asian person NOT offended by the “Chink in the Armor” headline that got taken down? In the view of an English Major, I think that was pretty clever. To each their own I guess.

I want fortune cookies with my ice cream… damn Asians had to complain and now all it comes with is regular waffle chips on the side. Boo. This is why I can never have anything nice…lolz. I’m just kidding. But really, people need to lay off the race card for a bit. It’s getting old.

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Pre All Star: East & West Matchups

Two big games to look forward to today!

Lakers vs Thunder


Knicks vs Heat

West vs West & East vs East. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Starting off with the Lakers vs Thunder, the clash of talent between old and new will be a great show. And since it’s right before the All Stars it’s a great chance to see how the teams play against each other. Tonight’s game will show if they are pumped up and ready to go at it with the East! 2 All Stars against 2 All Stars. They can also use today to size each other up, understand how each player moves and operates, how to best support each other. For those of you who didn’t know this is the first game of the season in which these two will be going head to head. Strange isn’t it? Since some teams have already gone up against each other anywhere from 3-4 times. This season’s a bit off but it makes it that much more intense and nerve wracking to watch and follow. Both the Lakers and the Thunder have won their last game up to this one so you know that they’re in it to win it! Being the #1 & #5 team on the Western Conference this also gives us an inside look as to what the Playoffs MIGHT look like. There’s still a lot of time for a shift in rank but when you think of the possibility of these two teams competing again when the time comes, it’s more likely than not so both teams could learn a lot from today.

So what needs to happen today for the Lakers to win? Kobe is going to need to put aside all of the trade drama bullshit and get back to playing a GOOD game. For the leading scorer in the NBA, Kobe tanked last night with 15 points. I was actually afraid that we might lose to Dallas. How unsettling is that? Me constantly checking the Ipad at work talking to myself about the game while I make drinks for customers. Most of them must have thought I was crazy. Gasol, on the other hand, is playing better than ever. Do you know why? Because he plays TO FUCKIN PLAY. I’ll forgive the 5 Turnovers he had last night because Kobe had 7. 7!?! Do you believe that? Thank God Bynum and Fisher stepped up yesterday.

The Lakers also need to be on top of Durant and Westbrook. Well, not literally but enough so they aren’t able to shoot. We can’t have them scoring like they have been if the Lakers want to win. Hayward and Collison may still be out from todays game so that’ll work to our advantage. And they need to watch out for Perkins when he’s on the floor. He’s been having a high number of rebounds every night and the one thing the Lakers do not need is Perkins being there to rebound every ball be it offensive or defensive. And we need to not play Ron Artest and just trade him somewhere. I’m sorry. And the only thing with playing Barnes or Morris is that they play well when it comes down to it but they get WAY too many Personal Fouls for comfort with the short amount of time they’re on the court. Just saying.

Maybe I’ll write about the Heats vs Knicks game later…I feel like that’s the one game everyone is already focusing on anyways. OMG A JEREMY LIN ROOKIE CARD THAT SOMEONE BOUGHT FOR $1000 SOLD FOR $21,800. FUCK people are crazy.

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I never thought the day would come that I don’t have enough boxes…

I’m cleaning my room to get ready for my move in early April but…I haven’t moved anywhere since I was 4, so technically I’ve never moved anywhere! What do I take? What do I leave? What do I throw out? Do I box things up? Leave them be?
And for someone who LOVES boxes, I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH! I’m trying to fit my life into 3 suitcases and it’s hard.

Suitcase Layout
1. Ps3 & Computer
2. Clothes
3. Books, Knick Knacks, etc.

I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF THOUGH! I’m literally at a standstill because I’m not sure what to do next. I have to leave my tv and my printer which makes me sad. I love them both so much! I’ve given away a lot of clothes but I still have a lot more to give away. I know I can’t take all of my books with me… all my art pieces that I’ve collected… all the little knick knacks that I have.

What’s going to happen to my Camilla piece that I had framed? Sadness… or my HUGE Lisa Alisa piece. God only knows what my mother would do with it if I left it here…ugh I need to talk to her about that before I leave. What about my little shelf of toys and stuffed animals! I guess I can’t keep them with me forever…

I am however able to take the love of my life, yup you guess it, my car. I don’t know what I’d do without my baby!

I just need to learn to let go of things that I don’t need. My PS3 and my baby (car) will keep me company. (And of course Mark too).

After I’m done organizing and packing everything away my room will be clean for once in my life. What a scary thought. Maybe I’ll take up Call of Duty again sometime. I have a Call of Duty decal on my car (I know, so cool right?) and these guys biking by yesterday asked if I liked Call of Duty and I told them I’m better than they could ever be. WIN!

Oh and it’s no secret I’ve been known to make racist comments left and right but I think I was caught off guard today. I was talking about Steve Blake with a classmate when this guy asks, “So, what do you think of him?” And I’m like, “Who? Steve Blake?” And he goes, “No, the Asian, Jeremy Lin”.

What, am I supposed to like him because I’m Asian too and we share some sort of deep cultural connection because of our similar face structures and struggles with the European nation? Well, fuck you. I asked him if he asked because I was Asian and he said yes. Said he “really likes them”. Oh, now we’re a “them”? And that he grew up around them. And then he tries to justify it by saying he has a Japanese wife. What a weirdo. I don’t support every god damn Asian on this planet.

But speaking of Lin, the Knicks are really going to have to kick it into hyperdrive because they’re coming up short against the Nets. Just saying.

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The BIG question everyone has in their head: Can Carmelo Change?

The Knicks are back after their loss against the Hornets. They stepped up and beat the Mavericks 104-97. Nowitzski’s 34 points weren’t enough to stop the Knicks. And they didn’t think JR Smith was going to be able to play today because he JUST got back yesterday but he’s doing just fine. What is the Knicks secret?


Something I’m not sure Carmelo could adapt to. It’s taking longer than expected for Carmelo to come back, but maybe it’s a good thing? Who knows if the Knicks would’ve had this many wins if he were still playing on the team. Would Lin ever have made it mainstream? Who knows?

Lin made an astounding 28 points, 4 rebounds, 14 assists. He is still on fire! But like I said it’s a team effort and everyone else chipped in. JR Smith scored 15 points, Chandler & Novak scored 14 points, Fields 13, Amare 11, Iman 5.

For the Mavs it was Dirk at 34 and the only other major shooters were Marion at 14 and Terry at 13.

Is Carmelo willing to share the spotlight? Carmelo’s Offensive Rebounds just suck this season and the Defensive Rebounds vary here and there. He just needs to be okay with assisting a little more than he’s used to. Passing the ball to someone who is open. I’m not saying he has to give up his high scoring days forever, he just has to learn how to play nice. This is a team sport you know? THERE IS NO I IN TEAM! Lolz.

Since Carmelo was the one who got JR Smith to sign with the Knicks, hopefully we can view it as a good sign. And not to mention because they have played together on a team before (Denver Nuggets) maybe they can use this to their advantage to really make the team strong and a force to be reckoned with.

But I’m not all too sure what’s going to happen. Even in an interview with Carmelo when asked how he feels about “Linsanity” he says he’s happy because he’s a part of it. A PART OF WHAT?


We’ll see when it finally happens I guess.

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Touch my car and you’re DEAD

I wake up to THIS today…AND I DIDN’T EVEN DRIVE MY CAR YESTERDAY! AND IT WAS IN OUR GARAGE! WTF HAPPENED?!?! I go to pick up Eddie on my way to work and he goes, “What’s up with your car? Your headlight is broken.” And I thought I was going to start crying right there. It’s just GONE! And Eddie was with me the last time I drove my car and it was fine…I DIDN’T EVEN HIT ANYONE! That other damage is from when the Valet attendant hit another Benz with my Benz but that’s a whole different story…UGH. But I guess this is good news. I can get it fixed and order a matching pair for the other side which has been broken for a while now ever since someone at Trader Joes ran into my car the ONE DAY I was parked head out. It’s okay, I’ll take care of my baby and get a wax and a nice hand car wash and everything will be okay.

So I guess Whitney Houston is dead. Don’t really know to feel about that.

But maybe this will make people feel better.

*shrug* It sure put a smile on MY face. Hey! It’s all we have! Ever since Yao’s been out we’ve been DYING for another NBA Asian Superstar! Hahaha. And contrary to what John says, I doubt Lin has sold his soul to the devil like Dr. Faustus. And if he has sold his soul than he got a much better deal than some other players who I won’t mention for fear of being shanked.

Or maybe this will cheer some of you up. Hahaha. Ah~ people are hilarious sometimes.

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So my Asian friend who lives in LA goes: Kobe Bryant or Jeremy Lin? Are we really having that discussion here?

It’s like we’re back in 2008 around election time. Obama or McCain? I am Republican…but I can’t not vote for a brother…REALLY? I don’t know what goes on inside of people’s heads sometimes. Using DOUBLE NEGATIVES?! What are we from the Stone Age? Hahaha. But all jokes aside tonight was an eye opener of sorts, that’s for sure. Since we haven’t gone in a long while I decided to make tonight Korean BBQ night and I was kind of bummed when I realized how many awesome games were going on tonight. But I had forgotten that my Korean BBQ place had TVs there and that they always showed the Lakers games, but tonight was different. They had added more screens into that place to project the game so no matter where you were sitting you would be able to see it. Is it because the Korean BBQ place wants to show their support for the Lakers? or the Asians? Either way I got to watch the game so I wasn’t complaining.

As we sit down to eat I keep looking at the game but nothing seems to be happening. Time would keep going but the points didn’t change at all. Several times I had to check if they were replaying what was on or showing highlights but it wasn’t anything like that because the time had changed significantly but the points hadn’t…still. I don’t know what it was with the Lakers tonight. There was never anyone to rebound the ball both offensively and defensively. But the Knicks were on top of their shit. If someone had missed a shot they were on that ball like hawks. Defense was another key problem with the Lakers tonight. We would leave shooters unguarded and there were so many clean shots that I was just blown away by how well the Knicks were doing and how all over the place the Lakers were. So many missed opportunities it was insane. Imagine me yelling at the TV screen while everyone else is talking about Madonna’s Halftime Show at the SuperBowl. Who the fuck gives a shit? She can go sleep in her Hyperbaric chamber for the rest of her life. The Lakers were behind THE WHOLE GOD DAMN GAME.

The Knicks won WITHOUT CARMELO ANTHONY AND AMARE STOUDEMIRE! WHO DOES THAT? WHEN WOULD THAT EVER HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE?! The Knicks got lucky that they realized that they had this awesome player on their team all this time. If only the Lakers had a player like that…*sigh* Lin ended up scoring a record high 38 points this game which makes him the highest scoring player on the Knicks this season, beating Carmelo. Kobe came in second with 34 points. By the end of it I knew it was hopeless. All I could do to drown my sorrows away was to have more meat.

And then some more meat…

But you know what was the creepiest part of tonight? (Besides the intestines? Well everyone else gets grossed out by them but I think they’re delicious!) The Jeremy Lin masks fans have been wearing at the games.

Whenever they would show a shot of the crowd SOMEONE would be wearing one of these…can you say C-R-E-E-P-Y! So I guess this means we’ll be seeing a LOT more of Lin. Did you guys see the new T-shirts they have made for him?

Can you say HELLA FAST? Adidas is just pumping shit out right and left. Imagine how many poor Chinese people had to rush to make these shirts for rich white people to buy in order to support a once ignored Chinese person? Weird. Remember those shirts they used to make that would say “NAME & NAME & NAME & NAME”? Depending on what team you were on it’d be different. Well they made one for the Knicks, oh no wait, just for Jeremy Lin.

Lakers need to step up their game! Momma has some good money riding on you!

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In honor of Mark buying me tickets to see the Lakers vs Timberwolves game I thought it about time to write another NBA entry. I’ll get to the T-wolves later but first how could I ignore the two up and coming big names in the NBA? point guard on the Knicks that’s been getting all this attention? I was originally going to write on both Jeremy Lin and Andre Iguodala but I’ll give Andre his own blog entry. Don’t want to crowd the spotlight.

Who is Jeremy Lin? And did he just pop up out of the blue?

Not really…he’s been working his ass off to get to where he is today.

So who is this overnight star? Lin is the first American NBA player who is of Chinese and/or Taiwanese descent. (Yao Ming doesn’t count because he was not born in the US, but don’t worry Yao we’ll never be able to replace you!) And he’s a Harvard Graduate, nonetheless. Which would make him the #4th Harvard Graduate/attendee to go into the NBA (I might be missing some people who changed colleges in between). The first would be Wyndol Gray who ended up playing the Celtics and the Providence Steamrollers, second would be Saul Mariaschin who also played for the Celtics and third would be Ed Smith who also played for the Knicks but this was back in the 1950s so  no one in over 50 years has chosen the path Jeremy Lin has. But things haven’t come easy to Lin who was not offered any type of scholarship or job during his college years. He was even undrafted after college so he came to a deal with the Golden State Warriors for a contract. It WAS his home town after all. He wanted to go to UCLA but the PAC 10 wouldn’t accept him but Brown and Harvard would so he decided on Harvard. (Too bad they don’t give scholarships at Ivy Leagues). Yeah…I’d feel stupid if I were all of those colleges who told him to get lost. Like when Warren Buffet didn’t get accepted into Harvard Business School. WTF was up with that right? So how did Lin get from Harvard to the New York Knicks? So he played with the GSWs even though he got other offers, it was his favorite team growing up and when the lockout happened the GSW’s waived him so they could free cap to get DeAndre Jordan (who is on the Clippers now not the GSWs) then he got to the Rockets who also waived him to get some Samuel Dalembert so he ended up on the Knicks. And all this hype started on Feb 4th 2012 when the Knicks beat the Nets. Highest scorer on the Knicks that night and the next night.

25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists

And continued with his amazing plays during the next game against the Utah Jazz:

28 points, 8 assists

But what about the other games? Well to be honest, they haven’t played him as much as they had starting Feb 4th during the game against the Nets.

  1. February 3rd, 2012  vs Celtics – 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 points ; 06:36min
  2. January 31, 2012 vs Pistons  – 1 rebound, 4 assists, 4 points ; 06:07min
  3. January 28, 2012 vs Rockets – 3 rebounds, 6 assists, 9 points ; 20:10min
  4. January 24, 2012 vs Bobcats – 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 8 points ; 5:54min
  5. January 14, 2012 vs Thunder – 1 rebound, 1 assist, 3 points ; 4:41min
  6. January 07, 2012 vs Pistons – 4 points ; 4:00min
  7. December 31, 2012 vs Kings – 1 rebound, 1 assist ; 3:51min
  8. December 29, 2012 vs Lakers – 2 points ; 1:40min
  9. December 28, 2012 vs Golden State Warriors – 1:27min
  10. December 21, 2012 Preseason vs Spurs – 1 rebound, 1 assist, 6 points ; 05:45min
  11. December 17, 2012 Preseason vs Spurs – 02:06min
They just needed to give him a chance to prove himself. And he did it. Hopefully we’ll see the Knicks using Lin more and more and hopefully as a starter. Can’t you see it? A Carmelo-Amare-Jeremy love sandwich? I can. I was waiting for the Knicks to step up their game this year and maybe this was JUST the kick that they needed to get their asses back in shape. We can never have too many awesome Point Guards! I do love Mike Bibby though…we’ll make it work!

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